When water damage strikes your home or commercial property in Vernal Utah, it is going to ruin your day. So what are the three most important things you can do to get the water damage situation under control?

1. Do not walk in water unless the electricity is turned off . Do not turn off the electricity unless it is perfectly safe to do so. This usually means turning off power at the meter. We strongly suggest a professional, licensed electrician for this task.

2. Move furniture out of standing water. Even if the water is no deeper than the carpeting itself, water can wick into the legs of your furniture and draw the stain (if your furniture legs are wood) and permanently damage your carpeting. Obviously, the water can soak into furniture materials as well.

3. Our favorite item on the list is to call Service Team of Professionals in Vernal, Utah at 435-781-0252 for proper restoration services. There is no reason to try a do-it-yourself approach when it comes to water damage. There is much more science and process involved in properly drying out a building structure and its contents after water damage than meets the eye.

Carpet Cleaning and Mold Growth can continue to damage a home and its indoor air environment.

Meet Brady and Louise Thompson, owners of the Service Team of Professionals franchise in Vernal. After many years with the local franchise, the Thompsons have become managing partners of the local property restoration firm.

With the training and constant support of national water damage franchise, Service Team of Professionals ("STOP"), Brady and Louise provide professional, reliable flood drying and disaster clean up services to the Vernal and surrounding areas. Also on their menu of services are smoke and fire damage restoration, odor removal, reconstruction, and mold remediation.

"Lots of companies offer water damage drying in Vernal, Utah, but actually perform very little of this kind of work; oftentimes offered by carpet cleaners" Brady mentioned in a recent conversation with STOP's national franchise manager, Brian Clark. "Every water damage job is different, so if you're busy as a carpet cleaner, and not doing this all the time, there's little chance you are keeping up-to-speed technically" Brady added.

Most of STOP's work comes through referrals earned from insurance agents and adjusters.... earned by making customers happy. STOP's customer service goes beyond promises. STOP wrote the book on communication, customer involvement and "the little things" that reduce stress and help customers get their house and their lives back together. After all, water damage, fire, smoke damage and other household disasters are stressful events.

If you ever experience a water damage in your home or commercial property, STOP hopes you will choose their locally owned Vernal Utah branch of Brady and Louise Thompson to get control of your water damage.

If you see Brady, Louise or one of their technicians rolling down the street, please wave. We'll wave back, but we hope you never need our services.