Service Team of Professionals restoration services company co-owner, Kevin Souther was asked for some "war stories" about his years in the construction and the fire damage restoration industry. "Fire damage restoration can be a lengthy and complicated process. One of the most extensive fire damages I have witnessed was caused by a chimney fire in January of 2016. The entire house was affected by smoke and fire damage.

Kevin explained that his team of fire damage restoration technicians had their work cut out for them. Every item in the home had to be inventoried, cleaned, and stored while the extensive structural cleaning and restoration took place. Avoiding Pack Out Pitfalls is often necessary when fire damages large portions of a structure.

The older home required several code upgrades that presented themselves throughout the fire damage restoration process. Sections of the chimney and roof had to be rebuilt. Property restoration requires a combination of skill and art; "we not only repair a structure, but also blend the new work in with the style and original finishes of the home" Kevin explained. Once the exterior work was completed, it was time to begin restoration on the inside of the home.

Customer service, an eye for detail, and our vast knowledge of property restoration techniques set Service Team of Professionals ("STOP") apart from our competition. Customer service is always a priority with Service Team of Professionals. When a complex restoration project requires permits, inspections, code upgrades, and as much time as this one did, it is especially important to make sure that the homeowners are happy and well informed.

We understand how frustrating it can be to watch while your home is under construction. We understand the added stress of not being able to live in your home while it's under construction. Our expert project manager scheduled all of the work to be done as efficiently as possible. There was no dead time in between tasks. We all shared the same goal of getting the work completed and the homeowners back home as soon as possible. In the end, the customers were thrilled. They loved our work. What's more, they loved the personalized customer service they received from Service Team of Professionals.

Kevin Souther and Todd Swofford co-own the Service Team of Professionals franchise serving the Wilkes and surrounding North Carolina counties since 2011. For professional water and fire damage restoration, and customer service you'll love, give Kevin and Todd a call at Service Team of Professionals - Wilkesboro if the unfortunate happens.