Franchise owners, Lauren Bickel and Abe Dawson, like all STOP franchises across the country, take pride in providing top-notch property restoration services with a smile, good manners and excellent communication throughout the restoration process. You and your home deserve this respect.

Water damage or mold in a home does not generally make anyone smile. So it's nice to find the clean-up team that bring with their technical expertise, a bit of professionalism, peace of mind, good communication and a smile. And STOP franchises will gladly coordinate with your insurance company, doing our part to keep everybody happy.

As military "brats," both Lauren and Abe grew up in various cities and countries. Family members and vacations began to focus on Charleston about 10 years ago. The area won their hearts. So when facing an opportunity to make a career change and work together, Lauren and Abe started researching industries where both of their deep skill sets would be useful. Landing in Charleston, SC fell right into place as well.

After many years in the not-for-profit sector, here and abroad, Lauren wanted to incorporate service into their joint career. Abe saw flood, water damage, mold remediation and fire restoration as the perfect way to use his skills. And what better way to be in a position to calm and serve others than the accident and disaster business.

While working with a professional career counselor and business coach, Lauren and Abe were introduced to the restoration industry. They learned that most competitors were not bringing all pieces of the restoration business puzzle. They learned that very few restoration companies were known for customer service. After some research and a business advisor's recommendation of STOP, a national property damage repair franchise, the path to STOP and the water, fire, smoke and mold business was made.

A decade of serving and managing others gave Lauren a head start in the water damage and mold remediation business. Many skills learned in in Abe's past gave him the talents and perspective to serve homeowners, insurance companies and property managers with excellent customer service. Whether your disaster is caused by a failed pipe, electrical problem, or other unique "that wasn't in the plan" event, STOP is here to serve. Many household disasters occur while you're away, so this adds another layer of stress and "darn it!" to the equation.

Everyone needs their flooded house fixed after water damage or a fire event. This is a given. But the contractor that also takes the time to reduce a customer's stress is something special. This is what STOP franchisees deliver.

Lauren Bickel and Abe Dawson did the research and found STOP to be the best choice to help them serve their customers (and in being served as a franchisee). Charleston, South Carolina and surrounding areas can do the same when facing any household or commercial property accident or disaster. If your problem is caused by water damage, flooding, mold or fire, STOP can provide specialty drying and cleaning skills along with great customer service.

The best part about cleaning up a home or building is in the immediate sense of satisfaction that STOP franchises get by calming and serving its customers; and in knowing the services provided by STOP are a needed part of the Charleston, SC community.

Maybe just as important as quality restoration, STOP delivers peace of mind with good communication, prompt service, and something we should all expect from service companies.....SERVICE WITH A SMILE!