New Construction Mold

New Construction Mold

Recently the Couer d’Alene, Rathdrum and Post Falls areas have encountered situations where mold grows in new construction housing. The problem develops when ...

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  • Before You File a Claim, Call STOP

    Before You File a Claim, Call STOP

    Are you like one of the following homeowners who assumed that filing a claim with their insurance company was their first step in dealing water damage to their ...
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  • When Fire Destroyed my House

    When Fire Destroyed my House

    The first thing I remember was the smell of acrid smoke. I ran upstairs and the significant amount of smoke that collected in the upper hallway confirmed there ...
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  • Three Questions You Should Ask a Damage Restoration Company

    Three Questions You Should Ask a Damage ...

    When fire or water damage hits your property, your first reaction is who to call? Locally in Kootenai County you have thirty or more restoration businesses to ...
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  • The STOP Training Difference

    The STOP Training Difference

    At Service Team of Professional (STOP) of Coeur d’Alene our leaders and staff have extensive training in restoring your house. Even though you will find more ...
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  • Dry Your Property Quickly

    Dry Your Property Quickly

    I frequently asked this trick question: “Does getting your property or contents wet cause damage?” The correct answer is no, however; if items stay wet, there ...
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  • Quality Water Damage Repair

    Quality Water Damage Repair

    As a property owner you are entitled to receive the exact repair and replacement of your home after water damages your home. Call 208-714-0504 and the Service ...
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