When Service Team of Professionals Coeur d’Alene responds to a water or fire emergency, we usually work with one insurance company as well as the homeowner to process the financial part of an insurance claim.

However, not all situations are this simple. Consider a condominium with water damage where the homeowner was responsible for repairing damage on the inside of the condominium and the condominium association was responsible for repairing damage to the outside, including drywall. In this instance Service Team of Professionals (S.T.O.P.) must coordinate with two insurance carriers. S.T.O.P. has the ability to work with multiple insurance companies in order to submit appropriate claims.

We work with the homeowner’s association to repair the damages that they are responsible for while working with one or more homeowners on the damage that is their responsibility. S.T.O.P uses software that is able to differentiate cost items separately to ensure that the correct expense is assigned to the correct responsible party. In a situation where three units are affected, we will probably work with four insurance companies, one for each homeowner and one for the condominium association. Keeping everything straight and accurate is not easy but the software allows Service Team of Professionals in northern Idaho to serve each customer correctly and effectively.

Consider another example. If the condominium is a rental when damage occurs, there would be an insurance carrier for the condominium’s association, the owner of the condominium, and the renter. Our software will effectively separate three claims for the same property.

Working with multiple insurance companies on the same property may not be easy, but Service Team of Professionals has dedicated systems to give our customers a seamless experience. Our goal is to work insurance carriers so that our customers can receive their property back as quickly as possible.

Call S.T.O.P. for your damage mitigation and leave the insurance companies to us.