I was talking with my friend “Ken” who mentioned that he should’ve called us at Service Team a few weeks ago. He experienced a problem when trying to start a fire in the fireplace. Smoke billowed into the room setting off smoke detectors and depositing soot on the ceiling. Yuck! A few days later, he got the tall ladder out to clean the smoke deposit off the ceiling. Unfortunately, he only succeeded in smearing the black gunk around, creating a worse mess. He tried several cleaning compounds; none worked.

I told Ken this was a common problem. What seemed like minor smoke damage is often not insignificant. Part of the problem is that each type of smoke creates a different situation requiring different cleaning techniques to properly restore the surface. A protein fire in a kitchen is different than a wood fire in his living room which is different than a fire where plastics burn. Each type of fire creates its own unique smoke damage.

Each different scenario requires different cleaning fluids and techniques. In some situations when cleaning smoke-damaged walls, you clean from the top down. In other smoke damaged circumstances, you clean the walls from the bottom up. Training and knowledge helps you know which is appropriate.

In Ken’s smoke damage, the ceiling could’ve been cleaned quickly at a modest cost. However, Ken’s actions required him to apply a primer coat and two finish coats to bring the ceiling back to life and get rid of the black soot. Unfortunately, Ken used a standard primer. Over time the acid in the soot will bleed through the paint. In the future the ceiling will need to be scraped and redone correctly.

Additionally for Ken, smoke permeated the room enough to leave his curtains with a smoke odor and coat his light fixture. I told Ken that unless he treated the fixture properly, he would end up with pitting on the metal fixture. Plus, the curtains would continue to smell with smoke until cleaned properly. While it might be possible for Ken and his family to adapt to the smoky smell, guests would recognize it.

I didn’t want to be overly hard on my friend, even though he basically did about everything wrong. His actions share the lesson that without training and information most of us don’t know how to treat smoke damage and restore property.

The technicians at Service Team are certified in smoke damage repair. They understand the differences of each circumstance and are able to correctly restore your property.

When smoke damage invades your home, give Service Team of Professionals a call. Use Service Team to assess property damage and, if necessary, work with your insurance company. Then, you can decide if you prefer to tackle the job yourself or have Service Team of Professionals provide an estimated cost of techniques to repair your smoke damage and restore your property.