Ice dams cause major water damage in North Idaho and require specialized skills to stop the damage. Help is available at 208-714-0504.

When winter weather includes snow and strikes Post Falls, Hayden or other areas in Kootenai County; ice dams may form on your roofs. The reason an ice dam forms is that warm air from the attic melts some of the snow on the roof. The water from the melt runs down the roof, collecting at the gutter or eave. Because the edge of the roof is cold, the water that was warmed now freezes in the gutter or on the edge of the roof resulting in a buildup of ice. As more water streams down from the warmer roof and becomes trapped by the ice at the edge, the ice dam grows larger and potentially more damaging.

Next, water, pushed up by the ice, will move underneath the shingles to damage your roof and allow water to seep through the roof into your home. Even a small amount of water will ruin the effectiveness of the insulation inside your wall. Further as water sneaks into your house, your paint begins to peel and will compromise your drywall. Left untreated the water damage will continue its ugly handiwork. Eventually, mold could become a major problem in your home.

The first step a homeowner should take is to inspect for water damage. Walk around your home; look for areas where you see ice building up along the edge of the roof, especially if you see large icicles hanging down. These areas signal the potential of a problem. Check out these locations inside your house for any possible signs of damage.

At Service Team of Professionals we have equipment for testing moisture content through your walls without punching ugly and damaging holes. When we find evidence of water damage we are able to professionally restore your property by removing the water from damaged materials as necessary or professionally drying your home. However, any insulation damaged by water must be removed.

Failing to remove moisture caused by an ice dam normally creates significant mold in the house as you can see from the picture showing a mushroom growing in a dining room.

Damage caused by an ice dam will not go away on its own. It requires intervention to stop and repair the water damage. Water damage does not have to become a major expense if it is treated correctly. Often homeowners’ insurance will cover the cost of the water damage repair from an ice dam. However, it usually does not cover the long-term damage from mold or damage that occurs due to neglect of repairing the water damage.

Service Team of Professionals will work with a homeowner to determine if damage is covered by their homeowners’ policy. While this is a determination your insurance carrier will make, we work with many insurance companies to repair water damage. Contact us at 208-714-0504 for an assessment.