I frequently asked this trick question: “Does getting your property or contents wet cause damage?” The correct answer is no, however; if items stay wet, there will be damage. Most property damage by water does not become damaged simply because it gets wet; damage occurs when property stays wet.

When water invades your home, call us at 208-714-0504 and Service Team of Professionals will promptly deploy and begin the process of drying out your property before more water damage occurs.

We do not start by just sucking water out of your house; we start by planning and working systematically which includes talking with the homeowner to determine what factors are most important to them.

After making a plan that the customer agrees to, we start the process of drying the home and contents. We use a scientific method for understanding exactly what needs to be done to remove water damage from each item. Our plan will include not only your home’s structure but also your contents that often require special handling and drying methods.

The Service Team of Professionals understand what items need to be dried by what schedule to minimize water damage.

For example, a homeowner may think carpets are a little wet and only requires letting it “air dry.” The problem to the leave- and-let-dry method is that if water seeps through the rug into the backing and padding and ultimately into the flooring below; the wet carpet will cause more damage before it completely dries. Air drying will not properly rectify this situation.

Our team will be able to determine how far down the water has soaked through your carpeting. In many situations when we address the water quickly, we’re able to use less intrusive methods. This preserves your home and reduces cost and inconvenience for the homeowner. We’ve encountered many situations where water was not promptly removed from the floor resulting in wet flooring and padding underneath. It becomes a crucible for mold growth. At that point the damage repair becomes more expensive and is often not covered by insurance where the original water damage work would be covered by most homeowner policies.

Remember that Service Team of Professionals does not charge for estimating water damage. We’re more than happy to evaluate your situation and tell you whether our services are required or not. A homeowner will be better served to call us to look over their wet situation and allow us to take action when necessary rather than just hope for the best. An inexperienced hope for the best without professional intervention often ends up with the expensive damage.