As a property owner you are entitled to receive the exact repair and replacement of your home after water damages your home. Call 208-714-0504 and the Service Team of Professionals will ensure you receive the correct repair work.

Years ago I was driving through an intersection when a driver ran a red light. Although I hit my brakes hard; I still hit the back end of their car smashing my left fender, front grill headlight, and causing other damage as well. I called my friendly insurance agent who recommended I go to a specific body shop for the repairs. Without giving it much thought, I did. A couple weeks later I pulled into my garage and I noticed that my new headlight was dimmer than the other undamaged one. Upon further inspection I realized that the parts used to repair my car were not standard original equipment parts but were considerably cheaper. I understood later that I should have insisted on using original automotive parts which would’ve restored my car to the way it was before the accident. I think my insurance agent was more interested in sending me to a friend and keeping loss down than protecting my best interest.

In the same way, not all water damage restoration companies are the same. If you call any company out of the phone book or choose one based on a referral, you may or may not receive the quality repair that you deserve.

At Service Team of Professionals we use cutting edge software to evaluate water damage loss and calculate the exact materials necessary to repair your property and restore it to the way it was before the damage. We do not cut corners. We are focused on repairing your water damage with the same material quality you had earlier.

Our software will help determine if the right materials are currently available. For example if you had a hardwood or tile floor that had to be removed, our team will determine if the same material is available. If not, we will provide the homeowner with options that parallel the same quality of flooring that was damaged. We do not want you to settle for lower quality. We work with you and the insurance company to ensure that you obtain similar quality to what you had before your water damage event.

As a homeowner, you work hard to maintain your property. At Service Team of Professionals we are dedicated to ensuring your property is restored to the same condition as before the flood or other water damage event. Just as I learned the hard way from my car accident not to accept a lower standard for repairs, you should also refuse to accept anything but the quality restoration that Service Team of Professionals can provide.