When fire or water damage hits your property, your first reaction is who to call? Locally in Kootenai County you have thirty or more restoration businesses to select from. Before you make a first call, a wise homeowner should ask several key questions.

1. Is the company local?

A number of companies that advertise service in Post Falls, Rathdrum or Coeur d’Alene are national firms and do not have any presence in our area. When you place your call with them, they will refer you to a local firm and receive a commission for their referral. In these situations the firm you originally called will have little or nothing to do with any future service. However, if you call a local company like STOP direct; you connect with people who live and work in the area where you live.

Several other companies that advertise service in Kootenai County are based in Boise, Spokane or the Tri-Cities in Washington State. While some of these companies provide solid service, their response and follow-through is more challenging given the distance they must travel to service customers.

2. Does the company focus on restoration work?

A construction company that does restoration work on the side may have a stronger bias to rip out more of your house than necessary and undergo more construction work than necessary because that’s their focus. A carpet cleaner, who also does restoration work, will likely not have the equipment or the experience to do a full restoration job. Do they understand structural drying? Besides when your home has undergone the disruption of a disaster you don’t want them to fit you in between other carpet jobs or construction work. You deserve to be the priority of your restoration company.

3. What kind of restoration training do they provide their employees?

The STOP team in Coeur d’Alene undergoes extensive training. They set aside time every year to upgrade their training with the latest techniques involved restoring property after devastating disasters.

This is especially important when there has been fire and smoke damage. When there is smoke damage the restoration company needs to understand what burned to cause the smoke. Different carpets, different furnishings and different window treatments create different types of smoke and require different types of restoration processes to be successful. Training that targets the complexities of fire and smoke damage provides the expertise for a thorough, complete and well-accomplished job.

Take the time to ask these questions. Call more than one company. Then, determine which firm is the correct company to restore your property. Asking these questions at the beginning before selecting your company may save you a major headache in the future.