I recently received a call from “Tim.” He had a leak in the water line of his icemaker which released water onto the kitchen floor that spread to the dining room wood floor and seeped under a wall into his living room creating wet carpet. When Service Team of Professionals  (S.T.O.P.) of Coeur d’Alene arrived, we didn’t just get to the clean-up so we could get on to the next job. We took time to educate the customer.

STOP believes that educating our customers is a key part of our responsibility. In this situation we metered the water in the entire area and verified that the kitchen cabinets were not wet. This reduced the amount of work needed. We verified that the subfloor was dry in the kitchen.  However, we found that the dining room wood floor was wet and explained to the customer how we could dry the wood in a way to prevent warping.

With the customer's permission, we peeled back part of the living room rug exposing the wet carpet, wet padding and wet subfloor. We explained to the homeowner how we would dry the area quickly and estimated the amount of time the room would be slightly disrupted. We further explained the noise that the drying fans would make and exactly how long we expected to be on their property.

After examining the first floor, we went into the crawlspace to determine if water had caused any potential damage to the subfloor or the supports down below. In this situation the technician was able to explain to Tim that water had gone directly from the kitchen through an opening in the subfloor and pooled a small amount of water on the vapor barrier. Since all of the wood tested acceptably dry and the water on the vapor barrier would evaporate on its own, it required no work on our part which reduced the cost to the customer.

Service Team of Professionals believes that good customer education is important. We explain fully and completely what steps need to be taken, why those steps are important, and what the impact will be for the homeowner. We request permission before starting any invasive exploration. For example, we may ask to make a small hole in the wall to insert a camera or water meter so we can determine the extent of water damage. We make sure that the homeowner understands that we won’t walk away leaving the homeowner stuck with a water problem and a hole in the wall that we won’t address.

Overall we believe education is a good process. We believe that time invested in educating the homeowner about their circumstance allows them to become a partner in the restoration of their home. Any damage by water, fire, smoke or mold is no fun. We believe that explaining processes step-by-step will help our customers have ownership in the work we do in their home. Then, they become more satisfied with the final result. And so do we.

Further, Service Team of Professionals Coeur d’Alene will work with the homeowner to establish a work plan and clearly communicate what work will be done when, what the disruption may be so that the homeowner will be able to plan their life rather than require the homeowner respond to our work needs.

If you need help restoring your home after water, fire or mold damage, Service Team of Professions of Coeur d’Alene would like to be your partner.  Call 208-714-0504 today.