Service Team of Professionals (STOP) often responds to water damage.  When a call comes in to Service Team of Professionals, Coeur d’ Alene, customers do not always understand how time is of the essence in our initial response. Mold is likely to begin growing after 48 hours of soaked wood and carpet. At times we are called to a home with extensive mold damage that occurred either because the customer did not know there was a water issue or they simply ignored it for a period of time.

Sometimes a customer asks about doing this work themselves. While this is always an option, there are a number of factors the homeowner should consider before tackling a mold problem.

1.  Health issues.

If someone in the home has breathing problems from asthma or a weakened immune system, they should stay out of mold areas entirely.

2.  Protective clothing.

A homeowner should protect themselves by wearing an appropriate bio suit including correctly fitting boots, gloves and mask. This protection is critical to protect anyone working in a mold-infested area. The staff of Service Team of Professionals, Coeur d’ Alene uses correctly fitting protective equipment including a face mask.  They ensure complete protection.

3.  Isolate the mold area.

Isolating an area where mold is growing in a home is of critical importance.  If mold is only in one bathroom, we hang sheeting and use specialized equipment such as air scrubbers to keep the mold from spreading from the work area into the rest of the house.

4.  Completely remove mold before painting.

A homeowner needs to understand you cannot paint or caulk over mold.  Any residual mold is still alive and will grow. STOP has seen numerous instances where a homeowner painted or caulked too early.  The mold continued to eat through the paint or caulk.  It added another layer of work in order to address the mold.

5.  Dry the cleaned area thoroughly.

An important aspect of treating the mold involves a drying process.  The part of the home that has mold must be completely dried or mold will return.  The Service Team of Professionals has the knowledge, experience and equipment to ensure that the treated area is completely dry so mold will not regrow.

6.  Use chemicals carefully.

Using chemicals to treat mold may be necessary, but should be handled with extreme care.  Many times a homeowner uses bleach to kill mold. Bleach kills some mold, but not all types. Furthermore, mixing products such as bleach and ammonia creates toxic fumes that can be potentially fatal.

7.  Discard water-soaked furniture or professionally clean it.

In most instances water-soaked furniture needs to be discarded or very quickly professionally cleaned. If you simply vacuum your favorite chair soaked in a flood, you are simply creating an additional spot for mold to grow.

Remember that mold requires three things to grow: the right temperature, a food source, and moisture. If these three factors come together, your home will grow mold within 48 hours.  A homeowner needs to understand and embrace the serious protocol for proper mold elimination.

Service Team of Professionals, Coeur d’Alene is an expert team with the experience and equipment to take care of or prevent mold when a home suffers water damage.  S.T.O.P. mold from growing.  Call S.T.O.P. today.