When you walk into a house, sometimes a musty odor greets you that may even cause you to sneeze. It is the sign of mold. When a home has a significant amount of mold (much of which could be hiding away from view), a professional mold remediation company like Service Team of Professionals in Coeur d’Alene may be needed to eliminate that pungent odor and potentially serious problem.

If mold has compatible conditions for growth (temperature, moisture, food source), the only guarantee is that it won’t get rid of itself.  However, there are steps you can take on your own. While some of these steps are difficult to accomplish in the winter, during the summer you can keep the air conditioner and a dehumidifier running.  Keep windows open as much as possible. Consider also that sun and its ultra violet rays are a natural disinfectant.  As much as possible, let the sun in.

Homeowners are smart to ensure there are no leaks in or around their home. Service Team of Professions has examined many homes only to find that a leak in the roof, wall, under a door, or even a slightly leaky faucet or drain has contributed to the mold growth that produced the musty smell. Unless the culprit is found, the best efforts to dry the property will fail.

Frequently, carpet, area rugs or fabric furniture can gather moisture and develop a pungent odor. Use a professional service to clean carpet and furniture, and to disinfect these porous materials to eliminate the smell.

The furnace room, heating and cooling system including air ducts need to be checked out. Service Team of Professionals utilizes experts to determine if these systems need to be cleaned. We have seen situations where ductwork becomes home to significant amounts of mold (https://www.doityourself.com/stry/sickhouse).   This must be treated professionally to eliminate it. Sticking a vacuum through the air ducts to suck up dust will not eliminate the problem.

You can also try washing your walls as a good treatment and preventive option that few people do anymore.  Prepare a simple cleaning solution made of 32 ounces of hot water mixed with a half a cup of Borax, two cups of distilled white vinegar, and 16 ounces of hydrogen peroxide. Mix until completely dissolved and use it as a cleaning solution. Be careful not to spill any on your on rugs or furniture. Use a sponge or a rag to clean painted walls and wallpaper. It may help restore freshness to the room.

Look inside every cabinet under every sink (https://www.lowes.com/projects/repair-and-maintain/prevent-mold-water-damage/project).   De-clutter these areas as much as possible so leaks can’t hide.  This will help you find any potential slow leak or see if moisture is building up for any reason. Consider leaving these cupboards open from time to time to allow them to air out. In a furnace room, there should be a vent allowing for air exchange. These vents can be easily installed if they are not currently in your home.

Place open containers of baking soda in areas that tend to have “that musty smell.” It will help remove the unpleasant odor. Change the baking soda every three to four months for best results.

If you still discover mold or that “old house smell” after taking these steps, give Service Team of Professionals a call at 208-714-0504. We would be pleased to help you with a plan that can help you permanently eliminate the problem.