A tenant moves out of a home leaving pungent cigarette smoke over everything. The owner required a damage deposit and the renter readily acknowledged that they had violated the no smoking part of the rental agreement. However, the property owner is now stuck with a damaged property.

In another situation Pete and Claudia inherited a home from their parents who had been smokers for 40 plus years. Now the couple wanted to put the inherited home on the market.

In each circumstance the smoke must be removed before the property could be rented or sold. What steps are needed to rid the property of the smoke smell?

First, we know that tobacco smoke is a complex, toxic mixture of over 4,000 combinations of ingredients. In each house, the brown, yellowish ick on the walls was sticky to the touch. Most homeowners do not recognize that removing cigarette smoke is much more challenging than cleaning soot and smoke after a kitchen fire.

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to wash away the mess. It requires a comprehensive cleaning process to eradicate the smoke. For example, even if the home is properly cleaned; the heating and cooling system cannot be ignored. There is extensive smoke inside the HVAC system which will simply re-contaminate the house.

When Service Team of Professionals Coeur d’Alene cleans a property, we start with cleaning all surfaces with the correct products. This includes deodorizers to eliminate the smell and smoke residue. We also utilize specialized equipment designed to remove and eliminate smoke odor from the property.  Any home, even when empty, is going to have areas that are extremely difficult to reach and treat.

Next, Service Team of Professionals of North Idaho will seal all surfaces.  Despite thorough cleaning and the best products, there will be a small amount of residue which can eat through even a new paint job.  Sealing eliminates this possibility.

Most homes will include carpet and furnishings that will suck smoke odor like a sponge. Service Team will carefully clean carpet to eliminate the smoke penetration.  Also, any furnishings with textile surfaces will need to be professionally cleaned or replaced to eliminate the smell.

Often a homeowner will endeavor to clean up property by themselves.  The challenge in most instances is that the smell lingers. To the homeowner who feels that removing most of the odor is good enough,” we wish them well. For those homeowners who want to get rid of the smoke smell permanently, they will need to bring in a professional like Service Team of Professionals of Coeur d’Alene.