Ceiling stains are among the most common issues in residential properties. While they may not appear to be a huge problem to many people, they often hint towards lingering issues in the plumbing system, which if not treated immediately could worsen and wreak havoc in your house. Not to forget, the unsightly stains also ruin the look of your property.

What Causes Ceiling Stains?

While most people often think of roof leaks as the only cause of stains in the ceilings, in reality, they can be caused by a number of issues, some of which are minor while others are potentially greater problems.

The most common problem that Service Team of Professionals has encountered is a slow, but steady, drip from the attic due to condensation of water or venting pipes.

Condensation and consequent dripping occur when the temperature of the attic varies from the pipe temperature.

Another major cause of pipe(s) condensation, which ultimately damages the ceiling of the affected area, is improper venting. Bathroom vents opening directly into the attic is one of the most common venting issues that the Service Team of Professionals have noticed in households experiencing ceiling damage.

While the drip is not likely to cause you much trouble in the first couple of weeks, it creates the perfect breeding ground for mold (if it is not dealt with immediately). Mold growth can cause significant damage to the ceiling, which then will require costly cosmetic or structural repairs.

Over time, these drips begin to affect rafters and structural wood. Moisture and water not only cause the wood to rot, which will eventually make it loose its structural integrity, but can also attract a variety of creepy crawlies, such as carpenter ants.

How to Avoid Ceiling Damage

Ideally, it is recommended to get your household plumbing system checked at least once a year to make sure it is not harboring a problem that could worsen and cause huge troubles, over time.

Another way to identify developing plumbing issues that can cause ceiling damage is to look for their signs. Peeling paint, discoloration, or stains or streaks on walls and/or ceilings are the initial signs of plumbing issues.

In addition to looking for visible signs of leaks, drips, and mold growth, use your sense of smell to figure them out. For example, a musty smell is a sign of mold growth. So, do not ignore any strange odor in your house, especially the ones for which you cannot find any reason, and call a professional for an inspection.

Call Service Team of Professionals for Effective Solutions

Service Team of Professionals is committed to providing the best and most comprehensive solutions to home owners. We do not just repair the apparent issues, rather our professionals fully inspect your attic to determine the root cause of discolored, stained, and damaged ceilings and then offer permanent solutions.

In addition to permanently fixing the problem(s) that’s causing the damage, we will also inspect and repair your insulation. This is because we know that once the insulation gets moist and humid, it loses its effectiveness and can result in higher cooling and heating bills. Since we truly care for our customers, we don’t want them to suffer because of an issue they are not aware of.

Call Service Team of Professionals today to deal with damaged pipes and ceilings!