With DIY-ing becoming the norm, many homeowners believe that they can also repair their water-damaged homes without the help of an expert. While this may seem like a good idea to save money, many people often make serious mistakes, which can further aggravate the situation and require even more expensive repairs.

Here are some common DIY water damage restoration mistakes that a large number of homeowners make:

  • Some homeowners tend to procrastinate the repair work, allowing mold growth. What many do not know is that mold growth typically begins within 72 hours of flooding. Also, if the water is allowed to stand, the drywalls begin to wick it up, causing additional damage. This means even a little delay in the repair work can wreak havoc in your home as well as make it highly difficult for you to get your restoration request approved by your insurance provider. Insurance companies often deny claims in cases where the damage is increased due to the homeowner’s negligence.
  • In addition to taking immediate measures, it is important to ensure that water is completely removed and the damages are fully repaired. Many times, homeowners believe that the overflowed water can be dried out by opening windows and turning on the fans. However, this is often not the case in reality. In many cases, water seeps through the carpet or wood flooring and, if not properly dried, leads to mold growth.  
  • Quick removal of water and drying out of the affected surface(s) require professional equipment that homeowners do not have. This is another reason why many houses get infected with mold after a flooding incident.

Call Service Team of Professionals for Quick and Completer Water Damage Restoration

Service Team of Professionals comprises certified and trained professionals who know how to deal with different types of water damages promptly and correctly.  We not only remove water from the affected area(s) and restore damage, but also complete the paperwork to help you get the entire restoration covered by your insurance provider.