There is no denying the fact that every homeowner detests leaky water pipes, overflowing toilets, or anything that can cause flooding and water damage to their house. But, their frustration often increases when restoration companies remove and discard far more household items than needed to repair the water damage and then charge hefty amounts for their work.

It’s just like going to a dentist who rather than trying to fix the infected or damaged teeth, opts for extraction.

Service Team of Professionals in Coeur d’Alene has developed a reputation for removing a minimum amount of materials from water-damaged houses. Our staff is specifically trained to focus on restoration of the affected area(s). We try our best to protect and recover as much of your property and belongings as possible.

Instead of simply removing everything from the affected area(s),our trained technicians first check the moisture content in each area of the house and not remove the flooring, walls, ceilings or cabinets that can be dried in place.

Our unique approach offers a number of advantages to homeowners – there will be less mess in the house and less time would be needed to bring the house back to its original condition. Another huge benefit of our approach is that less amount is charged to the insurance carrier.

Since many restoration companies do not work this way, it makes sense why most people get pleasantly surprised to see our way of working. Recently, we were doing some restoration work for a property manager and he was surprised to see that we only removed about 18 inches of the drywall above the water-damaged floor. He told us that the restoration company he previously worked with had removed about 4 feet of the drywall.

This was because the sheet rocks come in 4 feet standard size and it would be easier for the restoration company to fix them as it is rather than cutting them in custom sizes first.

While such measures make the work of restoration companies a lot easier, they are not in the best interest of homeowners and insurance carriers. Since we truly care about our clients, we try to restore as much of the original elements as possible and only replace those that are beyond repair. In this project, we knew that only 18 inches of the drywall needed to be replaced, so we cut the new sheets to custom sizes and then fix them. This not only reduced the time it took us to complete the restoration of the affected property, but also reduced the cost that the property manager had to pay.

Water damage to wood kitchen floors is one of the most common situations that require homeowners to either compromise and live with unappealing mismatched floors or pay from their pockets to replace the entire kitchen floor. This is especially pertinent to cases where only a part of the floor is damaged by water because generally, insurance companies do not authorize the replacement of full kitchen floor when it is only partially damaged and the same flooring material is available in the market. While it doesn’t seem like an issue, the floor will look two-toned as the newer material is obviously more clean and shiny than the old one.

However, homeowners can avoid this trouble if they quickly call the Service Team of Professionals. With our latest drying techniques, we are able to dry wood floors, even if the grain has begun to rise, and restore its original condition, in most cases.

When you call the Service Team of Professionals in Kootenai County, our team will ensure that your home is treated with respect and the restoration work does not increase the damage to your home.