Bathrooms are frequent culprits in home floodings. Everything from icky backed up toilets to the overflowing ones can cause the bathroom water to flow down the ceilings and walls and cause damage to flooring. Water from an overflowed bathroom can also move sideways into adjoining bedrooms or down the hall.

A large number of people face this situation, but very few know the right way to deal with a bathroom flood.

Here’s how you can cope with a bathroom flood:

First, stop the water flow. While most bathrooms have shut off valves for the sink and toilet, if you can’t find it or if the water doesn’t stop leaking even after closing the valve, turn off the main water supply line of your house to stop the water flow and buy time to locate the right valve in the bathroom.

Your second step should be to stop additional damage as soon as possible. Turn off the power supply – stepping into a flooded room with the power on could get you zapped, so you shouldn’t take the risk. If you are not sure how to cut the power supply to the affected area, call a professional service team and wait for them to arrive and disconnect the power safely.

Now, you should quickly remove water from the affected area. For that, the homeowner or business owner should immediately call a professional service team. Calling a professional service provider will not only ensure quick and proper  water removal, but will also make sure that mold does not contaminate your home afterwards.

If there is a floor drain in or nearby the affected area, try pushing as much water into it as possible, before the team arrives. If there is no drain, you can use towels or other absorbent materials to remove water.

When you call Service Team of Professionals, our technicians will arrive quickly and will advise you if the situation requires any professional intervention or if you can deal with it on your own. This way, you can be confident that you are not overlooking a major problem.

Ensuring proper ventilation is another step that you can take before our team reaches your home. Opening doors and windows and even turning on the regular fans will help move the air while allowing the affected area to start drying immediately.

While you can take the above-mentioned steps if your bathroom has overflowed due to a leaky valve or faucet, you will have to wait for the professional service team if you are experiencing a toilet backup that includes sewage. Our team will ensure that you do not end up with contamination in your home. In addition to cleaning the affected area, we will also ensure that any rugs, mats or towels are properly cleaned so that contamination does not affect your family.

Additionally, we can evaluate if sewage has contaminated drywall or floors and prepare a plan to protect you and your family from future contamination and illness.

If your bathroom has flooded, but you have not yet called Service Team of Professionals, call now to deal with the issue before it gets worse. We do not charge an assessment fee for the work we get from our referral partners. We analyze and investigate the situation to determine if the water has contaminated your house or if there is a serious water buildup. After analyzing the situation, we will develop a plan to eliminate that water as well as to treat any contamination it has caused.

If the damage is severe and widespread, the Service Team of Professionals in Coeur d’Alene will contact your insurance company and file a claim. Instead of requiring the homeowner to take these steps, we will work with the claim adjuster throughout the process to ensure that your home is fully restored after flooding.