Avoid premium increases for damage claims not paid

▪ Earn 5-star online reviews for your agency

▪ Eliminate huge deductibles or even loss of coverage for your insureds

▪ It’s FREE!

As an experienced insurance agent, you already know the problems inherent with filing homeowner’s insurance claims and keeping your customers happy.

Insurance carriers enthusiastically write homeowner’s policies, but whenever one of your insureds actually files a homeowner’s claim, the insurance company penalizes the homeowner – and the agent – for it. Often substantially.

This is where STOP (Service Team of Professionals) helps.

As an industry leader in home restoration services, our firm has more than four decades of experience restoring homes after every kind of natural disaster imaginable:

fire, flood, hurricane, trees, water, ice, mold, lightning, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Putting our expertise to work for you, we help you and your insureds make the best decisions about which claims to file, when not to file a claim, and how to avoid mistakes that can cost your insureds money hurting your agency’s revenues and reputation in the process. Best of all, we do it for FREE!

Save time and headaches with our FREE Pre-Filing Claim Review (PFCR) service.

How it works:

We visit your insured’s home, make an assessment just as we would if your client were hiring us to repair the damage, then we advise customers on whether they should file a claim with the insurance carrier, or NOT file a claim and take care of the repairs out of their own pocket.

Our assessment shows whether the cost of repairs is below the policy deductible or not, empowering homeowners to be wise in filing their claims. Homeowners should only file insurance claims for damage that is too extensive and expensive for them to handle on their own.

For each claim filed, the insurance carrier raises the premium on the homeowner’s policy – often substantially. That’s the case whether or not the claim is paid or not.

Policyholders become angry at this unfortunate pitfall of using their insurance and invariably direct their outrage at you, the agent. Their misplaced anger often earns negative online reviews, and causes your valued customers to shop costs or even switch to another insurance agent.

If our review shows that no work needs to be done, your customers are given the peace of mind they require to feel safe in their home by a professional contractor.

When a homeowner files one claim too many, the insurance company drops them – leaving them without coverage and vulnerable to financial calamity – or offer a far more expensive policy with higher deductibles. As the agent, you receive the blame and lose the income from the policy premium. Writing new policies for clients like these is often impossible, making you look incompetent. If unable to write a new policy, you also run the risk of losing their auto and other business.

But wait. It gets worse.

Filing their claim directly with the insurance company can be a costly error for your customers.

When the policyholder files directly with the claims department, the claim is closed … with zero payout … 30 percent of the time. The less money the insurance carrier has to pay out, the more claims that are denied, the happier the adjusters make their employer.

One common method used by adjusters to reduce payouts is to steer the insured to cheaper contractors and renovators. The consumer gets inferior work, but the insurance carrier is happy, because they pay less on the claim.

From the minute the insured first speaks with the adjuster, the insurance company opens a claim.

This claim stays on record for both the homeowner and the home for several years, leading to higher premiums, bigger deductibles, loss of discounts, and even cancellation of coverage.

One more thing your insureds don’t know but should fear:

Filing too many claims makes their home more difficult to sell. They don’t know that any buyer will have to pay for a greater homeowner’s policy even though the new owners did not file the claims. With the claim on record, the home seller will have to explain to potential buyers the reason why each claim was filed – revealing defects that might make a buyer hesitate to buy your client’s home.

Plus, your client’s prior claims will also mean their new homeowner’s insurance policy for the house they purchase will have higher deductibles. Or worse, you may not be able to write a new homeowner’s policy for them at all!

About STOP (Service Team of Professionals) CDA

We have more than 4 decades of experience in residential and commercial building restoration services and biohazard cleanups.

Our service professionals have the training and resources necessary to get the job done right the first time. We happily go above and beyond to exceed expectations. Our expertise enables us to evaluate and make recommendations on homeowner’s claims-filing with an accuracy unduplicated in the industry.

The next step

To arrange for us to do a FREE Pre-Filing Claim Review (a $150 value), regardless of whether a claim has been opened or not, call our Service Team of Professionals today at 208-714-0504 today. Or email smarr@stopcda.com now. There’s no cost to discuss the claim over the phone. Nothing to buy. No obligation of any kind. For emergencies, call 208-714-0504. We generally respond within the first 2 hours.