5 Exercises to Teach Your Kids About Fire Safety

Only 25% of homes in the United States have a fire escape plan that they practice with their family.

Kids under the age of 5 have a much higher risk of dying in a residential fire than other children. Parents must take extra precautions to reduce the risk of fire in the home. We recommend every resident in Fort Mill have a fire safety plan to ensure your children escape safely.

Most fires that kill children happen in a home without a working smoke alarm.

According to FEMA, children as young as 3 can follow a fire escape plan.

Prepare your family! You can eliminate the risk of fire by eliminating hazards in your home. Practice your family’s fire escape plan at least 2 times a year. Help your family be safe by reducing threats of fire in your home.

Just like when prepping for the school play, rehearsal is critical. Practicing your fire escape plan with your kids will help them to understand the dangers of fire. This can be fundamental in preventing a disaster.

Don’t believe us? Hear what FEMA has to say about fire prevention!

PREPARE make your home safer from fire.

PRACTICE fire safetyespecially your home fire escape plan.


Below are some fun printable exercises you can use to teach your kids about fire safety:

  1. The Sesame Street Fire Safety Program Family Guide
  2. Draw a map of your home and walk through it, use this fun worksheet from the National Fire Protection Association to practice your fire escape plan with your children.
  3. Here are some coloring pages about Fire Safety!
  4. These printable activities are sure to spark some interest in fire safety in your children!
  5. This smoke alarm safety sheet is the cherry on top for your fire safety afternoon.

Love is not enough to save your precious little ones. Practicing fire safety will!

So, remember, Fort Mill, PREPARE, PRACTICE, & PREVENT!