Water Damage Restoration in Fullerton

If you have experienced a flood or water damage emergency, the restoration professionals at STOP Restoration Fullerton can help. Water damage can arise from a variety of different sources.

You may have leaky plumbing, broken appliances, clogged gutters, a sewage overflow, or flooding from rainwater. Sometimes, the water collects slowly from a small leak. Sometimes, it is a gushing torrent from a broken appliance. In either case, the key is to start the water extraction and drying process as quickly as possible.

Whatever your cause of water damage may be, our team will begin implementing fast and effective methods as soon as we arrive on the scene.

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Types of Water Damage

There are generally 3 classifications of water that can cause damage within the home.

Clean Water

There is "clean" water. This is what is flowing through your water main before it enters your faucet. This also includes natural rainwater that has not been contaminated.

Grey Water

The second classification is "grey water". This is water that has been "used" in the home in some way but does not fall into the category of "severely contaminated sewage". This kind of water includes water that has been used by appliances as well as water draining from sinks and showers.

Severely Contaminated Water & Sewage

The final classification is "black water". This kind of water is dangerous and poses an extreme health threat to anyone exposed to it. It is water with severe contamination from bacteria, fungus, or pathogens. It is the kind of sewage that is found in the sewer lines.

Water damage restoration for sewage and "black water" requires much stricter and more intensive cleaning procedures, so it is important to understand what kind of water your are dealing with.

Flood Restoration in Fullerton

If your home has experienced a major plumbing break or a sudden downpour has left you with water in the house, our team can show up and provide relief. We perform flood restoration services for homes and buildings that need water extracted and rooms dried out. Although California is not known for rainy weather, severe or unexpected storms can do more damage than one might expect because properties are often not built to handle excess rainwater. If you find yourself facing a flooding problem, a helping hand is just a call away.

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Avoid the Danger of Mold Growth

For many people, a very common and extremely unfortunate aftereffect of water damage is mold growth. It is one of the most important reasons why a restoration professional should deal with water damage. Incomplete water extraction or insufficient drying of moisture are common occurrences when individuals attempt their own DIY water restoration.

In many cases where DIY restoration is attempted, the end result is that homeowners end up paying more for mold restoration on top of water damage restoration because they did not hire professionals to begin with.

Assistance With Home Insurance Claims

Because our team is well-versed in the insurance claims process, we can help make the process smoother and easier for you and your family. We can help clarify the steps involved and the processes that policies require to file a claim so that you get your situation resolved without having to worry too much about the paperwork.

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