The Dos and Don’ts of Water, Smoke, Fire, Wind, Vandalism and Other Damage Services

When disaster strikes, there are some situations where you best not try to be the hero. DIY tricks for damage mitigation are all well and good but sometimes you need to let the professionals handle the job. The STOP Restoration in Las Vegas is available for 24/7 emergencies. A 1hr onsite inspection can save you much trouble instead of trying to fix the problem yourself and aggravating it more in the process.

Water, smoke, fire, wind, vandalism and other damages can be dangerous to you and your family. The first order of business if any of these disasters strikes is calling the STOP Restoration in Las Vegas. In order to manage the situation at the time, until the professionals arrive, follow these dos and don’ts:

Water Damage


  • Remove any nearby electrical appliances
  • Turn off the main water supply valve
  • Soak water in the clear area with rags or towels


  • Try to clean the area yourself because certain nooks and crannies can develop mould
  • Turn on the fans because the water might have gone into the floor sockets
  • Turn off any equipment set up by the mitigation and cleaning company

Smoke and Fire Damage

Smoke damage is the most hard to handle because you have no idea from where the fire originated and if that section is still hazardous or not.


The only thing you need to do in the face of smoke damage is call a mitigation and cleaning company, and wait outside your house until help arrives.


  • Enter your house until a professional has cleared that there is no danger
  • Try to clean the soot from the floor or the walls
  • Use electrical appliances that were near the fire
  • Eat food that was near the fire

Wind Damage

Wind damage usually involves fallen tree branches, broken windows, bent doors and collapsed roofs. These damages are extremely dangerous because you do not have any idea whether they are stable or not.


  • Sweep away any glass from the broken window
  • Stay away from areas that you feel are vulnerable
  • Place vibrant objects around any hole made by the damage so that it can be easily spotted


  • Cover the damaged areas with any tarp or piece of cloth
  • Climb on your roof to take a look at the damage


Vandalism usually has two cases: One where your house is being invaded in your presence and the other when you are not at the house.


  • Call the police immediately on the first sign of an intruder
  • Take photographic evidence of the damage left by the vandals


  • Scrub the graffiti
  • Try to confront the vandals on your own
  • Touch any evidence that might incriminate you in the eyes of the insurance company

The STOP Restoration in Las Vegas also deals in hoarding clean up. In damage cases such as these, it is important to call 24/7 emergency service, so that mitigation and cleaning process can begin immediately. The faster the cleaning process starts, the less the damage is likely to spread. Our only job is to make sure that you get your life and house back as soon as possible.