Protein Fire Smoke – What Happens When Food is Left Unattended on the Stove?

stove on fireThere’s no fire in the house, yet the neighbors called the fire department on you. Why? Go ahead and have a peek in your kitchen, your question will be answered. It’s that damn rib eye that you left unattended in the pan. The meat slowly started to burn and when it turned to charcoal, the smoke spread rapidly, making it seem like your kitchen was on fire.

According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), cooking is the number one cause of house fires. People usually leave pans on the stove unattended for “two minutes” and that’s when it all happens. NFPA claims that 40% of house fires start this way and cause property damage of around $853 million. 2/3 of these fires are a result of burnt meat.

How Does the Fire Start?

It’s actually not the meat that catches fire but the grease. As the meat slowly cooks in the pan, the sides get coated with grease, which is what catches fire first. The burnt meat adds to the catalyst and that’s how the flame rises. Grease fire can quickly spread all over the stove if the knobs and other areas are covered with grease too. The soot slowly starts to cover the walls and floor which makes the tiles slippery and greasy.

When you enter the kitchen, the smoke smell goes through you and folds you in its odor. Your clothing smells like smoke, as well as your hair. The smoke smell permeates the house for days, where it can cause trouble in breathing and sleeping, and you will feel a burning sensation in your throat every time you inhale.

How to Put Out Stove Fire

The problem with grease fire is that water does not have any effect on it. When grease coats the wall, the fire spreads rapidly and can get out of control. So, before the fire takes a dangerous route, you need to snuff it out at the stove by putting a lid on the pan. Immediately remove all clothing, paper towels, pot holders and any other item that is flammable.

At a time like this, after taking care of any fire hazards, your next step should be to call a smoke damage cleaning service. These professionals use special cleaning tools to clean the grease covered areas and eliminate the smoke by neutralizing the odors. All the affected materials and surfaces are identified, after which it is determined what items can be salvaged. There’s no knowing what damage the fire and soot caused to the appliances therefore, unplug all of them.

When facing such a situation, better call STOP Restoration. The company specializes in cleanup and restoration of all kinds of disastrous situations. Having years of experience and the right knowledge, all steps taken by the company are in compliance with OSHA standards. So, next time when you see smoke rising from the kitchen, after dialing the fire department, make a quick call to S.T.OP for emergency cleaning service.