How to Choose a Company for Emergency Flood Clean Up

Marnie and Jacob never lived in an area that had encountered a flood. So, they never thought about taking any measures to protect their house. When an unforeseen flood, which was not mentioned on the weather forecast, hit their area, they were devastated. According to FEMA, the area was not at risk of being flooded, which had given them the benefit of saving on various costs. However, now they were looking at a huge loss that included everything, from damaged furniture beyond repair to lost valuables and foundation problems.

What we can learn from this situation is that one needs to be prepared at all times for a flood. Nature can come knocking at your door anytime, which is why you not only have to protect yourself but the house too.

When a flood hits your area, it’s understandable that you are confused about what things you need to protect. If you have insurance, then you can easily call for emergency flood cleanup and not worry about the expense. However, this is just one aspect of this situation.

What to Do When Choosing a Cleaning Service

Choosing a cleaning company involves a couple of risks. You can’t exactly hire someone sitting in a shop, few blocks down from your house. These people are not qualified at all and don’t have the license to perform such services.

We have already talked about how to choose a cleaning service in our previous article What to Look for When Choosing a Restoration Company. When you are faced with an emergency situation, you need to take quick actions because time is of the essence. The longer the flood water remains in your house, the more severe the damage will be.

Here are three things you should focus on when choosing a local cleanup service:

Damage Types

What type of services does the company specialize in?

  • Flood cleanup
  • Mold removal
  • Cleaning up smoke damage
  • Specialized cleaning (deodorization, carpet cleaning, furniture restoration, etc.)

A company that offers more services is the one you should go for because they will be able to anticipate any unforeseen damage and repair it.

Trained, Licensed and Insured Professionals

These three things confirm that the company you are hiring will offer quality service. “Customer satisfaction” is extremely important and it is what determines whether the company you hired is worth hiring for future jobs or not.

Read Reviews

After word-of-mouth, reviews are the best way to confirm that the service you are hiring is reliable. Make sure to check out multiple review websites to know about the efficiency of the services.

Emergency Restoration Kit

Here are a few tips that will help you prepare in advance for a flood:

1.Prepare a Kit

Think of it as a bug-out bag. Only add in things that you think will help you during a flood. These include water, food, first aid, flashlight and a battery-powered radio.

2.Create a Family Plan

Panic and chaos are two things that prevail during a flood. Your family might not be together in one place. In such a case, create a plan about what one needs to do and where they should go if separated.

3.Protect Your Possessions at All Times

Itemize your financial documents, collect all your jewelry and any other personal belongings that you think are of great value in one place… preferably in a safe and in a water-proof bag. This way, you can grab it easily if you think that the house might not be able to handle the flood.

Once you have collected all your valuable items from the house, call for emergency flood clean up. There are plenty of restoration and cleaning services that will not only clear the water from your house but also repair your personal belongings such as the furniture. One such company is S.T.O.P. STOP Restoration provide flood cleanup services and more in Boulder City, Summerlin, Whitney Ranch, as well as a couple of other areas. To know more about their services, call at 702-803-3094.