Posts from July, 2019

  • Dealing with Vandalism and Black Water – What to Do in an Emergency In this article, we will talk about two common problems that many homeowners face: vandalism and plugged up drains . Do you see dirty, black water backing up in your bathtub? In most cases, this happens due to a clog in the drain line. In other cases, when the wash back from ... Continue Reading
  • Prevent Cross-Contamination While Cleaning with These Easy Tips Many homeowners are not aware of the concept “cross-contamination.” There are four different types of contaminations, namely physical contamination, chemical contamination, biological contamination, and cross-contamination. The fourth type of contamination usually takes ... Continue Reading
  • The Havoc a Leak Can Wreak in Your House After coming back home from a week-long business trip, the first thing you notice is the wet floor . It looks like someone had a water fight because there are wet spots all over the floor. You look up and behold, there’s a big brown spot on the ceiling and cracked paint. ... Continue Reading
  • Top 3 Causes of Sewage Backup What did you do know? Yeah… we are looking at you reading this blog and trying to figure out why “ sewage water is all over my floor .” Sorry to put you on the spot, but you probably threw something down the drain or toilet that didn’t belong there and now you are facing a ... Continue Reading
  • Tacking Water Damage – Tips to Prevent Mold and Mildew Water damage is vicious and leaves hundred of mold spots in its place. If your home has water damage due to roof or plumbing leaks, flooding, sewage back-up, damp basement, overflowing toilet, bathtub, and sinks, or high humidity, then you will definitely find dark spots in ... Continue Reading