Prevent Cross-Contamination While Cleaning with These Easy Tips

Many homeowners are not aware of the concept “cross-contamination.” There are four different types of contaminations, namely physical contamination, chemical contamination, biological contamination, and cross-contamination. The fourth type of contamination usually takes place when certain pathogens are transferred from objects that are used for different cleaning purposes.

For example, you cannot use dirty kitchen cloths to wipe the plates you eat in or use the same gloves to handle cook food and store raw food. Similarly cross-contamination can occur when pesticides are stored with other cleaning products, when dog food is stored alongside human food, and the list goes on.

Following are a few ways you can avoid cross-contamination:

Personal Hygiene: Wash your hands every time you have cleaned something in the house. Don’t handle food with dirty hands such as when you have mopped the floor, coughed, or sneezed.

Utensils: Do not use the same knife you use to eat cooked food and chop raw vegetables.

Storing Food: Cover cooked food when placing it in the fridge and avoid placing cooked food and raw food together.

Disposing Waste: When you’re disposing waste in the garbage can, make sure the plastic bag is knotted and sealed properly. Always clean and sanitize you in-house waste bins to avoid infestation.

4 Tips to Prevent Cross-contamination

Tip #1

Use Microfiber Cloth When Cleaning

Are you one of those people who cut discarded old clothes into wipes and use them for cleaning? Well, hate to break it to you but you are only speeding up cross-contamination and spreading more germs through this.

Whether you are using electrical cleaning equipment or cloths, you need to make sure they are of the highest quality. A microfiber cloth captures 99% of bacteria, dirt and other pathogens. On the other hand, cotton only captures 33%.

Tip #2

Create a Color Coding System

You can’t exactly use the same scrub you used to clean the toilet, to clean the kitchen counter. That’s not sanitary AT ALL. Here’s preparation and cleaning101: Create a system for storing the cleaning equipment. Use colors to separate the kitchen, bathroom and general wiping tools.

Tip #3

Separate Cleaning Tools

Always store cleaning mops separate. Even the one that was used to clean a juice spill in the kitchen and one that is used for everyday mopping.

Tip #4

Do Not Use Outdated Cleaning Methods

  • As mentioned earlier, use microfiber cloth instead of cotton
  • Use HEPA filter vacuum cleaners instead of regular vacuums that just move dirt around
  • Do not use hazardous chemicals
  • Do not clean the house using a mop bucket (try a mop, one that comes with a built-in tank)

And this is how you avoid cross-contamination. When people hire cleaning professionals, they expect a certain level of quality service. STOP Restoration offers this and so much more. We avoid using the same cleaning equipment entering houses and businesses to avoid cross-contamination. Our services are available in Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise and many other areas. Make a quick call to S.T.O.P. at (702) 803-3094 for emergency cleaning service