Top 3 Causes of Sewage Backup

What did you do know? Yeah… we are looking at you reading this blog and trying to figure out why sewage water is all over my floor.” Sorry to put you on the spot, but you probably threw something down the drain or toilet that didn’t belong there and now you are facing a clog.

Before you head over to your garage to get your trusty toolbox, we suggest leaving this mess to the professionals before you make it even worse. Now that you know what to do, let’s have a look at the three common causes of sewage backup:

1. A Clog

A clog can either occur in just one pipeline connecting to the toilet, tub drain, the kitchen sink, or the garbage disposal, or it might be in the main sewer line. You will know the main sewer line is blocked when every flush of the toilet creates backup in other areas of the house. When the bathtub drain is plugged, the toilet will start making problems and vice versa.

Here are a few maintenance tips that will help you prevent sewage backup:

Don’t Use the Toilet as a Dustbin

Throwing so-called flushable wipes, napkins, diapers and sanitary pads (yes, some people do this) is a fast way to cause a clog.

Don’t Throw Leftovers in the Garbage Disposal

Thinking that the garbage disposal blades will take care of the bones is one of the biggest misconceptions. These bones break the blade and cause a blockage. Grease and oil hardens over time and catches leftover food thrown down the garbage disposal, also causing a clog.

2.Tree Roots

Sometimes, the cause of the sewage backup is not inside the house. Do you know where your sewer line leads from the house? It’s possible that a tree is planted too close to the sewer line and the roots have broken through the pipe. Don’t use Drano to fix this problem because it will do a temporary hack job. Professionals use an auger to cut the roots and make sure that they don’t invade the pipe again.

This clog can turn huge and cause blockage in several areas of the house. Often, people come home from vacations and complain about “poop smell in my carpet”. Their mistake: they forget to turn off the main water valve.

3.Collapse or Broken Sewer Lines

Older homes have weaker plumbing pipes that no longer match the safety codes, and they will break or collapse over time. If you are complaining about “water coming out of my shower and tub drains, then be prepared for some big repairs.

Note: The noises in the wall you hear, such as banging and rattling, are caused by faulty plumbing pipes. The banging noise is a result of a faucet being closed too quickly, which causes air to get trapped inside the pipe. In contrast, the rattling noise is due to a loose fastener. When the water rushes into the pipes, the pipes bang against other pipes and the walls.

There you have it — the three common causes behind a clog. We advise you not to take the DIY route and always call a professional to fix these problems. STOP Restoration is a cleaning and restoration company offering their services in Whitney Ranch, Sky Canyon, Centennial Hills, and many other areas. They help with sewage backup and other plumbing problems. These professionals are equipped to handle any kind of situation and know how to make sure that this sewage water doesn’t destroy your house. Call us at 702-803-3094.