Common Causes of Toilet Overflow

There are hundreds of articles online that will tell you exactly why your toilet is clogged. It can be a little confusing to find out where the clog is located when you don’t know how the sewer line works. To help you understand what’s causing the clog, we are going to explain to you how waste is flushed from and where a clog is possible.

Usually, when water goes down the drain, it flows in and out smoothly. However, if something is thrown into the toilet that doesn’t belong there, the flow is reduced because the clog is causing dirty water to backup. In most cases, the culprit is the plumbing pipes, which requires professional repair.

The following causes of toilet overflow follow the drain from the toilet bowl to the main sewage line:

Clogged Toilet Bowl

The number one cause behind a clogged toilet is when things like tissues, wipes and other such sanitary items are thrown into the toilet. One might think that the pressure is supposes to flush waste and toilet paper but even so-called flushable wipes do not disintegrate. As time passes, these items get stuck in the drain line and cause a blockage.

Clogged Toilet Trap

Do you see that s-shape trap underneath the toilet? This pipe stops sewer gases from spreading in the bathroom. It’s possible that the trap’s bend has become clogged and is causing water to rise in the toilet bowl.

Clogged Drain Pipes

When the water leaves the toilet bowl, it goes through the drain pipe and towards the sewer. You are probably wondering how a clogged toilet factors in here, right. Well, what you don’t know is that there’s a curve or two in the sewer line, which can cause water to back up in the toilet.

Clogged Lateral Sanitary Sewer Line

From the drain line, the water flows towards the lateral sanitary sewer line. This is the line that connects the drain line from your house to the public sewer system. Again, non-flushable items are the reason behind the clog. When he public sewer line becomes clogged, a ripple effect takes place and apart from the clogged toilet, water will start backing up in the bathroom and you will hear a gurgling sound from the drain.

Septic System Not Working

Some houses have a septic system and if this is the cases with your sewer line, then better call a professional to get inspected. If the toiled is clogged, then it’s possible that the septic system is to blame.

Low Flow Toilets

Low flow times help you conserve water but what they lack in is flush power. If your house was built before 1997, then you probably have a low flush toilet.

Malfunctioning Plumbing

Water and toilet paper on the floor makes quite a mess. You will find that the floor is squishy due to all the standing water and after sometime, mold will start to build up. If the water is going downstairs, then the problem lies with the plumbing pipes. If you find that the toilet water supply line shut off is stuck, you will not be able to find where the leak is coming from. This is why it is important to call a professional to get it fixed before your house floods.

Now that you know where the waste water flows from your toilet bowl, you will be able to find out if the leak and the clog is coming from the bathroom or not.

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