What to Do When Your Property Has Been Vandalized

You get back home from a late night dinner with your wife and the first thing you notice is that two of the front windows are broken. There are black marks on the exterior wall and the flowers in the garden are trampled. Lastly, the damage to the garage is extensive. It looks like a car drove into your house.

You have been robbed!

What is the first thing you do? It goes without saying that you don’t need to be a hero. You don’t know if this is plain vandalism or a robbery and for that matter, the robbers might still be in the house. Maybe a rock thrown thru the window might have caused the glass to shatter or the robber tried to break in and succeeded. We suggest that you call the police.

Take a few steps back from the house and call the police. Call your neighbors to come out and stand with you until help arrives. The robber might try to overpower you and escape away with the valuables and there’s safety in numbers.

Following are the next steps that you need to take after your house has been vandalized:

Call Your Insurance Agent

While the police are checking the house, call your insurance agent. Tell him about the robbery at your house. Ask your agent what needs to be done next, what information they require and how you should go about filing a claim. Remember, the same steps should be taken if a car drove through your business front.

Prepare Your Inventory

After your house has been checked, check every room, drawer and your hiding place to make an inventory of all the stolen items. This will help you make an accurate claim and with the police’s official report, you won’t have to face any delays in receiving the money.

Secure Your Home

Now that everything has been sorted out, you need to protect your house. You can’t exactly leave your house unattended with the broken windows. This might give other vandals and robbers a chance to invade your privacy and house again.

It’s understandable that you are afraid to stay in your house because the broken windows make your vulnerable. This is why you should call for emergency board up windows and doors. Such professionals use plywood to seal any openings so that you can sleep easy at night. You can’t exactly get new windows installed overnight so this is the best options for safety. Board up windows and doors will prove to be an effective barrier if someone does try to renter your house.

Do consider an alarm system that sends a message to your security systems that someone is breaking into your house. Today there are so many SMART systems available on the market that will help you keep an eye out on your house through your phone.

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