The Havoc a Leak Can Wreak in Your House

After coming back home from a week-long business trip, the first thing you notice is the wet floor. It looks like someone had a water fight because there are wet spots all over the floor. You look up and behold, there’s a big brown spot on the ceiling and cracked paint. Well, now you know where the leak is coming from.

It’s probably the upstairs bathroom’s bathtub or the toilet. Now that you know what’s causing the leak, you need to take extra precaution when walking around the house. The problem with a bathtub overflow is that is the clog is located upstairs, but the water will leak downstairs through various crevices. The pipes located behind the wall will do most of the damage, and we suggest getting out of the house quickly because your life might be in danger.

Here’s why:

Wet Floor and Electrical Outlets Don’t Make a Good Combination

The reason why your house becomes a hazardous zone is because whether the carpets are wet or the baseboards and drywall are wet, there’s a chance that your might get electrocuted. Until and unless you know where the leak is coming from, it is better to stay from all electrical outlets. While wet carpet is a big giveaway of leak but finding the leak on the floorboards is quite difficult. If you see signs of warping, then peel back that are of the board. Chances are, water from the ceiling has traveled through the walls and seeped into the floor. You need to act quickly because this leak can damage the integrity of the house.

The Ceiling Stains

The ceiling stains will develop mold and mildew over time, which will weaken the structure and there’s a real chance of the ceiling collapsing. You might file this problem as a minor one and schedule the plumbing on a weekend but we advise you to make the call sooner.

The water leak does not just extend to the ceiling. What you are forgetting are the light fixtures. Water dripping through the lights downstairs can cause a power outage and might even fuse some of the connections. You need to be very careful with these light fixtures. Don’t unscrew the fixtures to drain the water because you might get electrocuted.

Finding Out Where the Leak Is Coming From

A leaking pipe often creates a hissing sound, which can lead you to the problematic area. However, this is easier said than done. If you are not familiar with your home’s plumbing system, chances are that you won’t be able to locate the leak. Don’t go banging on walls, thinking that you might find the source because the wrong hit can create a leakage in the middle of your living room.

So what should you do? Have you called the plumber? While the professionals are on their way, you can do one thing to minimize the damage. Shut off all the water valves inside the house and check the water meter reading. If the reading changes, then the leak is inside the house. If not, then the leak is outside your dwelling.

If the water is still leaking, then shutting off the main water valve will not work. Now that you have exhausted all options, let the professionals do their job. With the help of pro-grade extraction equipment and submersible pumps, they will remove the water and then use dehumidifiers to dry the area. This minimizes the risk of floorboards warping and the integrity of the house being compromised.

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