Posts from October, 2019

  • How to Mitigate Ceiling Water Damage Until Professional Help Arrives A rainstorm hit your house last month, and you just spotted the water damage on your ceiling. You have no idea about the extent of the interior damage but on the surface, the paint is chipped and there’s a huge dark spot with mold surrounding it. If you don’t act fast, it’s ... Continue Reading
  • Deodorizing Magic – Getting Rid of the Moldy Smell from Your Carpet We heard a flood hit your home town. We know how messy and smelly things can get. It becomes impossible to call guests over to your house because there’s this moldy smell in the air. You can’t exactly rip off the carpet in your house, but what you can do is call for a flood ... Continue Reading
  • Real Story – “My House Flooded, But S.T.O.P Saved It” My house was drowning in dirty water and I had no idea what to do. Luck wasn’t on my side, and even though I was trying to save my furniture and belongings, things were getting wet one after the other. The water level was up to my ankles now, and I was trying to make sure ... Continue Reading
  • Dry and Safe Home Guide – 5 Tips for Preventing Water Damage Picture this: You have been hearing drip-drop noises coming from the kitchen for days now. You have checked every place under and around the sink but the pipes seem to be completely dry. The next day when you get home from work, you see the kitchen floor flooded. Trying to ... Continue Reading