Real Story – “My House Flooded, But S.T.O.P Saved It”

My house was drowning in dirty water and I had no idea what to do. Luck wasn’t on my side, and even though I was trying to save my furniture and belongings, things were getting wet one after the other. The water level was up to my ankles now, and I was trying to make sure that no wires were under there.

The kids were upstairs, so they were safe, but my husband and I were busy making sure that the valuables were not damaged beyond repair. We called our neighbors and asked them if they could help us clean our house. They came right away because things at their house were under control. It amazed us how relaxed they were because here we were — panicking out of our minds.

It took us a month to get our house back in order. Still, we ended up throwing most of the furniture. Things were so badly damaged and the mold group was proving to be a health hazard.

Now, you all are probably wondering why the neighbors had everything under control? Here’s why:

Elevate Your Risk and Buy Flood Insurance

Check out FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps and see what area your house falls in. Is this area in danger of flooding? If yes, then start looking into flood insurance policies. Make sure to evaluate all your valuables before buying a cover. Check twice and ask the insurance agent what other things you can add to the cover to protect yourself.

Elevate Your Boiler

Place it on a raised platform to prevent any damage.

Install a Backstop for Sewage Water

This trick will prevent drain water from backing up into your basement.

Change Landscaping

To prevent water from entering your house, dig some troughs in the backyard and garden.

The precautions don’t end here. Now that you have done everything possible to protect your house before the flood, it’s time to think about what you will do after the flood.

Call for Water Extraction, Cleaning and Restoration Service

My house flooded” — with the way the climate is changing, it won’t be long before cleaning companies will receive calls with this one liner.

Professional cleaners follow a process that helps restore your house back to its original setting. First, extraction equipment and submersible pumps are used to remove the water. Then, through professional grade fans, dehumidifiers and air movers, the area is dried. Lastly, your personal belongings are inspected to determine whether they can be restored or not.

The best thing about having flood insurance is that it allows you to pay for the repairs. So, make sure that you have the accurate coverage.

STOP Restoration is a cleaning and restoration service that helps with residential as well as commercial water damage. These professionals are equipped to handle any kind of situation and do their best to restore most of your belongings. They are available in Anthem, Providence, Cadence and many other areas. Make a quick call to S.T.O.P. at (702) 803-3094 for emergency cleaning service.