4 Unique Ways to Remove Cigarette Smoke Smell from Your House Before Its Sale

Did you know that unpleasant odors can drop the sale value of your house? How would you feel if you entered your dream home and the first thing that hits you is wet dog odor? You wouldn’t buy such a house, now would you? So, can you expect someone else to make an offer on yours?

In our previous article, “Getting Rid of the Cigarette Smoke Smell – Easy Tips to Deodorize Your House before Help Arrives”, we talked about how you can deodorize your house using DIY cleaners made of vinegar, baking soda and orange peel. Sometimes, you need to try a few odd tricks to get rid of cigarette smoke. Following are ten unique odor removal ways that will guaranteed deodorize your house:

Professional Options

First, let us present you the easy way out. You can hire professionals to do certain things that will for sure remove cigarette smoke from plenty of areas. Here’s what you can get done:

  • Paint the ceilings and walls
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Dry clean curtains and get the windows wiped with commercial cleaners
  • Get the carpet steam cleaned
  • Have air filters replaced and the ductwork cleaned

4 Unique Ways to Deodorize the House

1. Charcoal Bowls

If you are on the clock, then a great way to deodorize the house in time is to stage it. This way you will have limited things to clean. Charcoal is a non-toxic cleaner that absorbs strong odors. Place a fist full of charcoal in several bowls and place them all over the house. This out to clean the air!

2. Coffee Grounds

Like charcoal, coffee grounds also absorb strong odors. Apply the same trick as mentioned above and leave the bowls in place until opening day.

3. Vanilla Extract

Cigarette smoke in carpet, walls, air ducts, etc, can be banished with a sweet smell. Dip cotton balls in vanilla extract and leave them in place where the smell is strongest. You can even use it to scrub the walls and floor.

4. Apple

Apples are more than just for eating and admit — a fruity smell will surely impress potential buyers. Cut the apples in halves and leave them around the house. The apples will absorb the cigarette smoke. Don’t leave them out for too long or you will have ants circling the apple.

So, there you have it — a few ordinary household staples and charcoal that can help you deodorize your house. Remember, you must remove the cigarette smokebefore the sale of a home, or you won’t get a high price for it.

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