How to Improve and Follow Steps to Time Manage

“Time is money”

“Set smart goal”

“Plan achievable objectives”

How many times have you heard this? Saying such profound things is quite easy by trying to live by them is pretty hard. Whether you are planning to clean your house, do an office project or a personal one, make some lifestyle changes or simply establish a healthy morning routine, you need to have a strategy.

Here are a few steps on how to improve time management when you are planning a task:

1. Identify Time-Consuming Tasks

Your first step is to figure out how you spend your time. It’s possible that you are giving too much time to a small task that does not require much of your attention. A great way to manage time is to keep a time log. Find out at what time your productivity is high so that you can get more done.

2. Set Priorities

Now that you have identified the tasks that require less and more time, put them on a list and prioritize. Don’t plan multiple things at a time. The key is to do those tasks first that are small, require less of your time and can be done easily. This way, you will have more time for the important tasks.

3. Try a Planning Tool

A planning tool is a way to remind yourself about the tasks that you need to do. This will also allow you to find time in your busy schedule, which will help you manage time better. A task that seemed important yesterday might not be today, and by reviewing your list, you can change the course of work.

4. Get Organized

One of the biggest rules of running a job is to follow your plan in the future too. If you discard your strategy and revert back to old habits, then what’s the point of creating it in the first place? You need to have a system in place that you can use for every task. For example, when it comes to spring cleaning, a great way to organize the items is to separate them in three boxes: “Keep”, “Give Away” and “Toss”.

5. Schedule Your Time

As mentioned earlier, if you find a spot empty, do things that you normally do in your life during this time. From writing a letter or making a call to creating your shopping list… it can be anything. Think of them as the must-dos that you need to accomplish but can be pushed.

6. Stop Procrastinating

We did say some of the tasks can be pushed but that doesn’t mean you do the same with the important one. At times, you might feel overwhelmed but that’s completely fine. To motivate yourself, build a reward system. Trust us — this will get things done faster.

7. Avoid Multitasking

Lastly, there’s no such thing as “saving time while multitasking”. In fact, you lose your concentration when you do two tasks together. Better dedicate your energy and time in doing one task successfully rather than rushing through two tasks and doing a botched up job.

And this is why it is important to keep track of time when doing anything. Try to these strategies to improve time management and make yourself more productive.

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