Las Vegas, NV - Factors Affecting the Cost of Professional Water Damage Repair

One of the most destructive forces your home can be exposed to is water. It not only destabilizes the structural integrity of your home, but it also puts you and your family at risk.

Whether you’re hit by a flood or some internal fault resulted in water damage at your home, it’s crucial to take immediate remedial actions. The longer you wait, the further will the damages extend. This will only put you under greater danger and increase the costs associated with water damage restoration depending on how serious the situation becomes.

Here are some factors affecting the cost of water damage restoration:

The extent of the Damage

Needless to say, restoring a house completely damaged by floods will cost you a lot more than repairing a minor pipe leakage. The extent of the damage will determine how much effort, time, supplies, and other resources will be needed for restoration. All these factors will add to the expense. Hence, the costs involved will be directly proportional to the size of the area that has to be restored.

Removal of Water

The presence of water can complicate the process too. For instance, you won't have to go through the hectic process of water removal if the damages are only associated with a leaky pipe. In contrast, restoration costs will be much higher if there’s plenty of water inside your property that needs to be removed before the remediation can even begin. Hence, the additional task to remove the water from home will add to the restoration costs.

The Existence of Mold

Whenever surfaces are exposed to moisture for longer periods, mold growth will follow. Like water, mold also needs to be removed before the professionals can start the restoration work. What’s more daunting about mold growth is that it can spread very quickly.

Materials Affected

Some surfaces can sustain more damage from water than other types of surfaces. For instance, cleaning your water damaged carpet can be a lot more challenging than restoring an affected hardwood floor. Each different type of surface will require a different set of replacement materials. Hence, the ease with which a particular type of surface can be remediated as well as the required equipment are critical factors affecting the overall restoration costs.

Water Quality

Finally, another critical aspect that can greatly impact the water damage restoration costs is the type of water that caused the damages. It can be clean such as rainwater or dirtier such as grey or blackwater. If your home is damaged by blackwater, which refers to sewage water that came into contact with human waste, the damages are likely to be very serious, resulting in hefty restoration costs. Since you need to treat the contaminants for both blackwater and greywater damages, the costs are typically high.

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