4 Maintenance Tips on How to Protect Your Wood Floor from Water Damage

The beauty of hardwood floors is unlike any other floor material. We take great precaution to make sure that there are no scratches or stains on it. If you have hardwood floors, pets are strictly confined to a corner, high heels are forbidden and eating anything without a plate is a sin. However, one thing that we don’t pay much attention to is water.

Hardwood flooring water damage is by far the most expensive kind of damage because not only does it destroy your floor, but it also gives mold a chance to grow. Water can also cause warping and discoloration, which destroys the entire look of the floor.

Here are four maintenance tips that will help you keep your hardwood floor safe from water:

Tip #1

Inspect Your Plumbing Regularly

A crack in any one of the plumbing pipes can cause water to travel anywhere in the house. Whether its floodwater or a small leak, water will seep into the foundation and rot the floorboards from underneath. To make sure that you won’t be caught off guard by such a problem, call a plumber and get the house inspected at least twice a year.

Tip #2

Invest in Quality Sealants

A sealant, like polyurethane or wax, prevents water from damaging your wood floor. In fact, quality sealants can make the floor almost waterproof. A wax sealant needs to be applied every year, whereas a polyurethane sealant can last for 3 years.

Tip #3

Lookout for Wet-Floor Culprits

You know the dos and don’ts of wet-floor culprits:

  • Don’t open a liquid bottle standing on the hardwood floor
  • Don’t place water bowls on the floor for your pet
  • Do clean up any spill immediately
  • Do sweep the floor regularly

And so on.

Keep small hand towels nearby to soak up any hardwood flooring water damage and make sure that damp things, such as umbrellas, rain boots or laundry, are not placed on the floor.

Tip #4

Clean with Care

Vacuuming and sweeping are two of the best ways to keep your hardwood floor clean and scratch-free. If you have children in your house, then you can protect your floor by placing mats on it. However, if any liquid does spill on the mat, place it out immediately in the sun for drying. Make sure to clean the carpet with a disinfectant before placing it back on the floor.

A little care goes a long way in prolonging the life of your hardwood floors. So, keep up with these tips and you will not have any water damage or mold problems. In case your hardwood floor does get damaged, call the STOP Restoration for cleaning and restoration. The company operates in Anthem, Providence, Cadence and many other areas. Make a quick call to S.T.O.P. at 702-803-3094 for emergency cleaning services.