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Fire incidents are among the most detrimental workplace hazards and can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Fire-related accidents can also pose a significant threat to the safety of the staff. While no location is totally safe from fires, taking fire safety precautions goes a long way to protect your property and employees from fire emergencies.

This guide covers some valuable fire safety tips for offices. Make sure that all employees are aware of the following safety measures.

Electrical Safety

One of the most common causes of fires is overloaded circuits. Workers often use multi-plugs and extension cords, and in some cases, forget to unplug them. This overloads the circuits and increases the risk of a short circuit.

Since most office circuits feature a 20-amp breaker, your aim should be to not exceed this rating. Each device you need to plug in is labeled with its amp rating. When using multi-plugs, add up the amp ratings of all the devices to calculate the total amps, which shouldn’t go beyond 20 amps.

Knowledge of Basic Fire Safety Protocols

Fire Alarm

Everyone should be aware of the basic fire safety protocols. You never know where the fire may flare up and whether the trained person will be present during a fire emergency.

Thus, make sure that all your employees know where exactly the fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment are located in the office. You should also carry out fire drills so that staff can recognize the alarm when someone activates it. Also, all staff members should know where the emergency exits are so that evacuation becomes easy.

How to Respond to Fire Emergencies?

Tell your employees that panicking won’t do any good to resolve the situation and they’ll need to act calmly when faced with fire-related incidents. Tell them what to do when a fire breaks out.

  • Alert everyone through the use of a fire alarm and call the professionals.
  • If the fire isn’t that serious, look for the nearest fire extinguisher and try to put it out. If, however, the fire is large and you might be at risk, skip this step.
  • Start evacuating the workplace using the nearest exit. When considering evacuation, close the doors behind the staff to prevent the fire from spreading to other areas of the office.
  • After moving out of the office building, every employee should immediately inform their supervisor that they're safe.

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