Posts from September, 2020

  • Effects of Commercial Fire Damage | Commercial Restoration News Are you sure you and your staff are fully aware of the effects of commercial fire damage? While fire safety awareness and facilities are more accessible than ever, the number of fire hazards reported remains alarmingly high. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) ... Continue Reading
  • 7 Common Household Items That Contribute to Fire Accidents Protecting your family from potential fire hazards is the top-most priority at home. Yet, very few homeowners are aware of the fire-fueling dangers present at their homes. You’ll be surprised by how the simplest of household items can trigger or spread the already blazing ... Continue Reading
  • Causes and Prevention of Basement Sewer Line Backup Do you want to prevent sewage backup? Here is what you can do. Your sewage system is primarily designed to ensure an outward flow of water from your home. It comprises several features that prevent the wastewater from leaving your drains and flowing in the wrong direction. ... Continue Reading