Las Vegas, NV - 5 Risks of Water Damage in a Building | Home Restoration News

Are you taking water damage lightly? Read on to learn about the dangers associated with water damage.

Some areas are prone to floods, while others are not. If you live in an area where flooding is a real threat, your home is more likely to suffer from water damage than other areas. However, keep in mind that flooding is not the only cause of water damage.

There are various other unnatural issues such as backup from drainage systems, pipe leakages, moisture in your attic or crawl space, etc., that can result in water damage. This is where homeowners tend to neglect things and fail to act before its too late. Following are some risks associated with water damage:

Germs, Bacteria, and Parasites

Based on the source of water damage, your home can be easily occupied by bacteria, parasites, and germs. This issue often comes up when you don’t take the corrective actions after a sewage backup. Not addressing the issue puts you and your family under various types of health-related risks and reduces the value of your property.

Mold Growth

How often do you see homeowners ignoring plumbing leakages, only to incur huge water damage restoration costs afterward? That small leak behind your bathroom or kitchen sink can significantly contribute to the growth of mold and mildew, which is the last thing you’d want to spread in your home. It only takes 48 hours for a minor leak to start growing mold.

If you aren't aware, mold growth damages the surfaces and affects your health, especially if you suffer from asthma, respiratory diseases, and allergies. Thus, you should get the leakage fixed as soon as you see it and clean the surrounding area properly to prevent the growth of mold.

Electrical Damages

If water makes its way into your switches, it will damage the wiring and possibly cause a fire. Even if it doesn't flare up the electrical wires, water can easily blow the fuses and damage electrical appliances. If you see moisture in and around the main electric hub at your home, your utmost focus should be to get rid of it from there. Never take things into your own hands when dealing with electrical wiring. Contact professional electricians to eliminate water damage.

Structural Issues

house with water damage

Last but not least, if water damage spreads to various parts of your home such as the walls, roof, floors, etc., it can penetrate into the surfaces through the openings, widening the cracks and seriously undermining the structure and foundation of your home. If that happens, the value of your home will fall, and you will need to incur huge costs to restore the damages.

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