Consequences of Smoke Damage

A fire in your house can be a deeply traumatic and unsettling experience. It can leave a family scrambling to make sense of it all and call for help and rescue.

Oftentimes, only the fire department is bothered to be called to put out the fire immediately which makes perfect sense. With that said, however, we advise people to call relevant experts to combat and remove smoke damage and soot damage  as soon as the fire as been controlled and extinguished.

The problem with these byproducts of house fires is that they can result in a seemingly endless waiting game.

If they are caught and treated early enough, a lot of their damage can be stopped in time and reversed. If, however, the matter is delayed and put off anywhere from a few days to weeks, then the effects of smoke damage and soot damage may become irreversible.

Smoke and soot can be just as bad as the fire in their own ways.

1. Poisoning

One of the more sinister yet subtle ways that smoke damage can present itself is poisoning.

Smoke from house fires is much more toxic and dangerous than natural fires. This is because it contains gases and particles from burnt plastic and synthetic materials. If this smoke is not eliminated in time and breathed in by you or your family, it can poison you. This poisoning can cause immediate side effects from dizziness and headaches to breathing problems while causing long term respiratory problems.

2. Property Deterioration

The longer you wait in calling smoke and soot cleanup professionals, the deeper the soot damage will be. Soot and smoke are sticky and tar-like. They readily stick to surfaces and materials and are hard to remove by conventional means. They are also acidic in nature and begin to degrade and deteriorate whatever surface they attach themselves to.

Therefore, if more time is taken to treat them, then the affected materials and surfaces may have already been damaged beyond any chance of saving. Smoke damage can degrade chrome plated surfaces, yellow wallpaper and paint, ruin furniture polish, and stain textiles and fabrics.

3. Allergies

Smoke particles are not only bad for your cardiovascular health but the particulate and contaminants may stick to your body and produce irritation, itching, reddening and conditions similar to allergies. Soot is hard to remove and may leave your hands or any part of the body which comes in contact with it stained and dirty. Considering the toxic makeup of soot, it is definitely not something you want in contact with your body for long periods of time.

4. Odors

Apart from the sight of black everywhere, the deep noxious and suffocating odorous smell will be the most apparent effect of smoke damage. This smoky smell settles deep in furniture, belongings, and even clothing. Even after repeated attempts to deep cleanse the affected materials, it may not entirely go away. It makes breathing difficult and is very uncomfortable.


We understand just how difficult and trying all house fires which is why we have a team of professionals that can help you deal with the situation very effectively.

In this case, all you need to keep in mind if you or someone you know are victims of a house fire is to call a smoke damage service alongside or after the fire station. Contact STOP Restoration (STOP) MESA at 480-818-1440 and we’ll be at your doorstep in no time. Time is of essence in reversing smoke damage and soot damage and our team of professionals will work diligently to mitigate as much as possible.