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Mold is a cheeky culprit that hides in your living space and doesn’t get noticed until it has caused considerable damage. Furthermore, mold can hide in the most unexpected of places, and your carpet isn’t an exception. To grow and survive, mold needs moisture, high temperature, and a food source. In the paragraphs that follow, we will discuss some of the most common signs of mold in the carpet.

Let’s break it down.

Pungent and Musty Odors

The presence of pungent and musty odors is an indication of mold growth. If you spend a dominant portion of your time at home, you may not notice this musty odor. However, if a guest mentions an earthy, damp smell, you should check your carpet thoroughly. Mold can grow under the carpet and can be hard to detect.

Health Symptoms

Mold can cause many health conditions. It causes allergic reactions, asthma, respiratory issues, and bronchitis. If you experience any of these conditions or notice them among your family members, make sure to have your living space and your carpets inspected for mold. If the walls and floors seem okay, then there may be something wrong with the carpet, so have it inspected before mold damage worsens.

Black, White or Green Growth on the CarpetCarpet

The best way to look for mold and control it in the initial stages is to look for discoloration. If everything seems fine on the surface, lift the rug and look for signs of mold on the floor underneath. If mold is present, you will notice unsightly stains on the floor or carpet combined with a musty odor.

Damp Carpet

If a carpeted floor remains damp for more than two days, mold may start to grow in the carpet. If your carpet is damp, it could be due to a leak in the flooring underneath. Such a scenario isn’t uncommon in basements. If you had a water leak, and the wet carpet is left to stay without any ventilation, mold damage is meant to occur. To prevent carpet mold, it is essential to dry out your carpets. Also, get all of your leaky pipes and water faucets fixed to prevent mold growth in the future.

As a responsible homeowner, you shouldn’t leave the slightest amount of mold to stay. If mold is left untreated, it can affect the structural integrity of your home and affect your health negatively. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, make sure to get your carpet inspected by a professional mold remediation company in Mesa, AZ such as STOP Restoration Mesa (#STOPMESA).

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