Mesa, AZ- Dangers of Hoarding | Advice from a Local Biohazard Cleaning Company

Are you dealing with a hoarder or face the problem yourself? Here is what you need to know about its dangers!

Hoarding is a compulsive condition that makes a person collect items obsessively and makes it difficult for them to let them go or clean up. It is a person’s inability to throw away belongings. Medical professionals consider it one of the symptoms of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

There is a severe social stigma attached to hoarding habits, and that is what prevents most people from reaching out for help. However, it is essential that you seek help because hoarding can be seriously dangerous. In this article, we are going to share some of the greatest dangers of hoarding habits. Keep reading to learn more!

Poor Living Conditions

Hoarding makes your living space extremely unsanitary. Hoarders forgo daily cleaning activities, and it leads to the accumulation of waste items and leftover food. As a result, the space becomes very dirty and becomes a breeding point for all types of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The hoarding condition also makes it difficult for a person to take care of their personal hygiene, and as a result, they are at an increased risk of several health hazards.

Hazardous Air Quality

Hoarding causes dust to accumulate and lowers the quality of air in the space. Moreover, different odors emerge as a result of decaying food items and other unclean materials. All of these contribute to poor air quality. As a result, the risk of respiratory problems increases significantly, and the person can develop conditions such as chronic coughing, lung infections, and sinus inflammations, etc.

Pest Infestation

Due to the accumulation of leftover food particles and other organic materials, the hoarder’s space becomes an initiation and a breeding ground for all kinds of pests. From dangerous bacteria to rats, ants, cockroaches, and flies, all the pests can make the hoarded space their safe haven.

The accumulated waste and untouched items provide the space for pests to grow, breed, and feed. As a result, pests can infest the entire home pretty quickly and damage its structure severely while also causing health hazards for the occupants.

Mold Growth

Due to lack of cleaning and sanitation, the level of humidity and dampness increases inside the home. Consequently, mold begins to develop and grow quickly. Mold growth causes severe health hazards for the occupants, lowers the air quality, and also damages the property.

Risk of Injury

Accumulated materials and a hoarded space increase the chances of slip and fall. This can put the occupants at the risk of severe physical injury.

Fire Hazard

A hoarded space is an ideal fuel for a fire to spread. It is one of the biggest dangers of hoarding.

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