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The "S.TO.P. Restoration Experience" of Southwestern PA

No, I'm not taking about a new version of the "Jimi Hendrix Experience. I surely can't play guitar like him, but I can give you my experience in dealing with ...

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    A famous quote from a little yellow friend said, " I smell the smelly smell of something that smells smelly."- Spongebob. ODOR, SMELLY, STENCH, STINK....WOW, ...
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  • Have you checked your Attic lately?

    Have you checked your Attic lately?

    As we walk through our basement a a bunch of times a day/week, we can use our senses to follow any trail of potential MOLD issues. We can hear/see a WATER leak. ...
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  • Mold In Your Basement?

    Mold In Your Basement?

    Detecting and riding your basement of mold is a formidable task. You often wonder, how does MOLD get in the house anyway? What causes MOLD? Well, there are some ...
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  • How a Wet Basement goes from Moisture to Mold

    How a Wet Basement goes from Moisture to Mold

    How do I get mold from my wet basement? A wet basement here in the southwestern Pittsburgh area is not uncommon. From frozen pipes, foundational cracks,sewer ...
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