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Cleaning up Carpet

Repairing Carpet

Damaged Carpet


Commercial Water Job Completed

Smoke Damage


Rebuild Kitchen

Completed Rebuilt Kitchen

Kitchen counter from Project site

Corner of kitchen counter from project site

Wide shot of Kitchen area

Wide shot of Kitchen area

Side shot of kitchen counter

After shot of water Damage restoration

Workers restoring damaged wall

Wall damage being repaired

Shot of kitchen being repaired

Repairing sink leak

After shot of repaired kitchen

After shot of repaired kitchen

Stripped floorboards

Repaired floorboards

After shot of floor restoration

New Floor boards

Floor boards being repaired

Floor boards being stripped

Workers repairing floor boards

New repaired flooring

Stack of floor tiles

stripping floor tiles

piled furniture

Old floor boards

Before shot of Floor tiles

Shot of Tiles and equipment

Tiles being removed

Employee repairing floor tiles

Striped carpet

Living room

Kitchen area

Table on tile floor

Kitchen area

Ceiling being repaired

Walls masked in protective covering

Cabinets covered in protective covering

Broken wooden doorway

Ceiling being repairedRocking chairNightstand

Rocking chairWoman with dog in kitchen


Ceiling with moldCeiling with mold damage

Damaged ceiling in hallwayCeiling repair in hallway

Ceiling in hallwayHardwood floors

Bathroom being repaired Bathroom floor

Kitchen counter

Mold wall damage

Smoke damage beforesmoke damage after

leather restoration afterLeather restoration before

Basement water damage beforeBasement water damage after

Water damage beforewater damage restoration

Water damage in wallwater damage wall repairrepaired wall

repaired drywalldrywall repairsFinished wood siding

Water damage stain on wallDrywall repair in progressWood beams in wallFinished wall repair




STOP truck

Bathroom floor

Bathroom sink

Bathroom tile

Kitchen restoration


Burn restoration

STOP trailer

Service Team of Professionals

STOP truck


Ceiling repair

Wall/pipe repair



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