What should I expect with Professional Water Damage Restoration from STOP Restoration

Water damage commonly takes place in the Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry room or AC System. This problem occurs at the most inconvenient time. Even if the damage looks like it is just a small quantity of water, homeowners will never know the full extent of the damage until they discover what is below the surface. This is a reason why professional damage restoration should be done whenever this problem occurs in the home.Water damage in the kitchen

There are also cases when water damage can be caused by the apartment above you if the owner of that apartment forgets to turn off their water in the kitchen or there is a broken pipe. When you live in a higher unit and you leave the kitchen tap running and the sink overflowing, this may result in water running down the adjoining walls causing water damage to the apartment below you.

When you face this problem in your apartment or in your home, do not hesitate to call in a STOP Restoration of Professional water damage technician to fix the problem or get a free estimate. The technician will do full inspection of the damage and identify which method would be best used for the restoration and explain the process in detail to the homeowner.

Water damage restoration usually starts by extracting the water off the premises as promptly as possible. In this process, technicians use water damage restoration tools like dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers are placed where the water had traversed. A dehumidifier can extract about 52 liters of water daily from the damaged part of your home.

For the drying process, the technicians can use high-powered fans to ensure maximum air flow. Powerful fans are needed for the drying of cement, carpet, vinyl, wood, and other things in your home. They help with the final drying of the premises by allowing them to operate until the walls and floors are completely dry.

The next part of the restoration process is applying antimicrobial solution to the damaged area of your kitchen. This chemical solution is needed because it helps remove mold and prevent its re-occurrence. Mold thrives in damp surface, so complete drying and antimicrobial disinfecting is needed to eliminate this problem.

If you have any water damage to your property, let a professional water damage technician handle the problem. There are water damage problems like mold growth and bad odor caused by contaminated water that only professional restorers can fix. If you want to fix these problems properly, contact STOP Restoration of St Lucie County FL 24/7. We service Port St Lucie, PSL, Stuart, Fort Pierce, Jensen Beach, Vero and Surrounding areas.