As a water damage company here in Port St. Lucie, Florida, we see a lot of crazy things. Water damage is the leading cause of mold and can start in the strangest places. Mold remediation is one of our specialties, but it’s better to dry things out before mold growth can start.

Let’s start under the kitchen sink. There are so many things that can go wrong in the cabinet under the sink. A supply line can leak, a sprayer faucet hose can rust through, a drain pipe can split, or a garbage disposal can crack. No matter what the reason, a slow leak can cause extensive damage. If left unchecked, water damage and mold can spread through the immediately affected area and into other cabinetry or even the drywall behind it.

Flooring is usually where people notice water damage. Water follows gravity so flooring is in the right place to find the wrong thing. Vinyl, laminate, or even hardwood floor can allow water to spread and become trapped underneath.

We’ve seen entire kitchens have to be replaced because of extensive water damage and mold growth. That’s definitely not the smoothest way to go about getting your kitchen remodeled.

How often do you inspect the cabinet under your sink? Do you ever take everything out and really scrutinize the space? Never? You’re not alone. Life is a bit too busy to prioritize the sink inspection for most people. I never thought about it either.

It’s also a great idea to inspect bathroom cabinets for moisture. You want to find dry pipes, cabinet shelves and dry water supply lines. After years of service, even high-quality water supply lines can wear out and leak. This is the start of water damage and mole growth. It’s no fun and we don’t wish it upon anyone.

We received a call about a wet floor in a customer’s family room just north of Port St. Lucie, FL. A wall was shared between the family room and the kitchen. We opened the cabinet under the kitchen sink and everything was soaked. All of the cleaning supplies, sponges, rags, and even the cabinet itself was saturated. And boy did it have an odor! Luckily, I knew what to do. We declared the sink off limits to everyone in the house, stopped the leaky water supply line and started the water damage drying process.

We invite your call to Service Team of Professionals in Port St. Lucie, FL in the event you suffer a water damage event or find mold. If we begin the water damage drying process in the area ASAP, the job will cost less and less damage will be done to your home.

No one is immune to water damage. Even the professionals have to call someone. We hope you’ll choose to have Service Team of Professionals in Port St. Lucie, FL work in your home. We are RESTORATION …done right the
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