Summer is the perfect time for a family trip. The kids are out of school and bored. Why not visit family, go to the beach, or even take that long awaited trip to Disneyland? Most of us will remember to put our mail on hold, clean out the fridge, and take the trash out before we go out of town. We’ll make sure our pets are cared for and the bills get paid. But do we ever think about ICE? I’m talking about your “In Case of Emergency” contact. Unfortunately, many water damages take place while homeowners are on vacation.

A pipe can break, a supply line can fail, or a water heater can give out. Given enough time, you might return home to an indoor swimming pool! A little leak can turn into a big problem. Mold growth can start within the first 72 hours of a water damage. When disaster strikes, your ICE can save your home from thousands of dollars’ worth of water and mold damage.
A trusted family member or friend can help minimize water damage by notifying you, shutting off the water, and letting the professionals get to work (with your permission of course!) before you get back from vacation. Why wait until you get home to start water damage remediation? Your insurance company is just a phone call away any time of day or night and so are we!

At Service Team of Professionals, we are well equipped to handle any size or type of water damage. If you set up you ICE, we can take care of the rest! Service Team of Professionals also specializes in smoke removal, odor removal(deodorization), and fire damage. Call on S.T.O.P of Port St. Lucie, FL for full service restoration…”done right the first time.”(772) 266-5428