Can you paint over mold | STOP Port St Lucie

Today’s Mold project was in a small AC Closet. The owner had a small leak from his AC Unit. He noticed mold on the back wall. This is where the least airflow would also be making it the perfect scenario for mold. The owner decided to pain over the mold with a mold prohibiting paint. Home owners must understand that mold prohibiting pain is for surfaces that do not have mold to prohibit mold growth. There is no paint that will kill mold. Mold must be removed. The paint actually provides a protein that will feed the mold growth. The mold growth actually ended up penetrating the opposite wall cavity where the shower was. This simple problem ended up being a large problem. If you have a mold issue call STOP Restoration in Port St Lucie FL at(772) 266-5428. We service Stuart, Fort Pierce, Jensen Beach and surrounding areas with free evaluations along with thermal imaging to identify moisture issues.