Our job as a water mitigation company is to:

  1. Remove all of the moisture from your home so mold doesn’t grow
  2. Do so as cost-effectively as possible so there are no issues with your insurance claim
  3. Work with your insurer to settle the claim quickly

In other words, we help you avoid the 3 nightmare scenarios that typically play out if you try the water removal process on your own.

The professional difference when it comes to water cleanup services

A lot of people assume they can do what we can do. Sadly that isn’t the case. These people usually start by doing a couple of web searches, then they read a few articles and 10 minutes later they’re experts on removing moisture from their home. Take their new found expertise, add a couple of machines they rented at their local hardware store and they’re certain they have a recipe for success. Here’s the crucial steps that must be accomplished…one, some or all of which you’re likely to do wrong:

Find all the moisturewater damage on white wall

Where has the water traveled? Has it gone behind walls? Up walls? Into your crawlspace? Into adjoining rooms? Into your subfloor or behind your cabinets? You aren’t going to be able to track down all of the moisture problems, at which point there’s no chance you’ll be able to dry out areas you don’t even know are wet. Most homeowners think they can feel or see the problems. We can’t even do that, and we deal with water damage on a daily basis. We have no less than a half dozen different moisture detection systems at all times so we can find moisture no matter where it might be hiding.

Dry quickly without over-drying

There’s 2 actions there, both of which you aren’t going to be able to do. One is dry quickly. You’ve got about 48 hours to 72 hours before black mold growth occurs. The only way to stop it in its tracks is to remove the moisture it needs to grow. We utilize the most advanced drying systems and techniques in the industry and it allows us to move much faster.

The second thing of note in that statement is not over-drying. Did you know every surface in your home has some moisture in it and it needs that moisture to maintain the qualities and aesthetics you want? When we dry homes, the goal is its dry standard. In other words, to get each surface back to the same moisture readings it had before it got wet. If you dry too much, you ruin the surfaces, at which point they have to be yanked our and replaced. This is just one of the reason that we take daily moisture readings.

Trap evaporated moisture and remove it

If you think you can just open up some windows and push some air around your home and it’ll cure all of your ills, beware. It’s not uncommon for homeowners that go the DIY route to experience secondary water damage. This happens when the water is evaporated but instead of being trapped by a dehumidifier it is allowed to be released into the air and travels to another area of the home. Once it latches on to that surface, it will cause secondary water damage.

80% of our mold remediation projects are from in proper drying of water leaks either by the owner or an un licensed company or friend who thought they could help save money. These issues are usually behind cabinets, in your carpet or behind your baseboards. Your financial losses can be 3-10X the expense. Your safest bet is to call a professional water damage company please give us a call and let us assess your loss! Service Team of Professionals is your water damage mold removal source located in Port St Lucie FL.(772) 266-5428