The Leak that caused havoc in a home in Port St. Lucie

If a water line leaks or breaks and the homeowner is away for a long period of time you run into serious mold issues because it can affect multiple rooms in the home. The Stuart FL homeowner that we provided mold removal services for lost their bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom and multiple closets. The small leak by the toilet created standing water that will saturate the sheetrock over 7’.

The high humidity in the home created a humidity bloom that caused mold to grow on all the furniture, beds, curtains, cloths and contents that can not all be cleaned. You should always turn off the main water valve when leaving your home unoccupied. The insurance did not cover the loss because of the house not being occupied for a month. We needed to provide mold removal services to many of the walls down to the metal studs which needed to be cleaned and sanitized.

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